Balthazar Getty Plastic Surgery In Detail

Balthazar pictured with his wife Rosetta Millington on June 17 2021
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Balthazar Getty plastic surgery includes a rhytidectomy surgery to lift his face. Balthazar underwent Buccal fat removal surgery to remove the fat from his face.

Balthazar is a known American actor and singer born on January 22, 1975, in Tarzana, California, U.S. His father is John Paul Getty III, and his mother is Gisela Getty.

He belongs to one of the wealthiest families and is the great-grandson of J. Paul Getty, founder of Getty Oil. Balthazar's first television appearance was in the movie Lord Of The Files in 1990, where he narrated the character Ralph.

Following his first movie in 1990, he has appeared in many Tv series and films in his career. He is recognized for his character in the project, including Ralph in Lord Of The Files, Pete Dayton as Lost Highway, Bozo in Feast, and Tom O'Folliard in Young Guns II.

Moreover, he started his musical career at age 15, is involved with a band named Ringside, and is the producer of the rap duo The Wow. Recently Balthazar came out with his new song, Balt Getty - 80s Crack Baby.

Balthazar Getty Plastic Surgery

Balthazar Getty underwent two plastic surgery named rhytidectomy and Buccal fat removal. He looks different in his before and after photos.

As per The Celebrity Post, the actor has done plastic surgery. The article developed a voting process in which viewers were asked about his surgery. Based on 1228 votes, 88% of voters agreed that Balthazar underwent surgery.

Balthazar's facial structure changed from flatter to 7.3% rectangular, 1.7% heart shape, 0.6% oblong shape, and 0.4% square when comparing his old photo to the new one.

Balthazar underwent a surgery and looks different as compared to his previous pictures
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Pink mirror stated that he typically has a high forehead and sharp edges, and the breadth of the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are almost equal. The face's length is greater than its width, and the jaw area is more squared-off, like a rectangle.

Moreover, the actor also came up with a new hairstyle in 2014; he came up with a unique silver color hairstyle while walking the carpet at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball event. While his original hair color is brown. 

He Has A Fairly Tall Physique

Balthazar is 6 Feet tall based on his physical appearance. His balanced body weight is 165 Lbs or 75 Kg.

He is taller than the average individual in his born country. In America, the average height of a male citizen is 5 Feet and 4 Inches.

Balthazar has an attractive facial structure with fair skin. His body type is Mesomorph. His natural hair color is dark brown, which matches his eye color.

Balthazar spent his holiday on Milan Italy
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He has a lean body with less muscle fat around his chest and more in his neck. He has musical notes tattoos across his front shoulder and another tattoo of Hebrew letters across his chest. The actor follows a strict diet and runs.

In addition to his physical attributes, the actor has a good sense of fashion and dresses appropriately for the occasion. He is also more concerned about his hairstyle.

He has an Ivy League hairstyle with enough hair to style with a side part. Previously he had a Flat-top hairstyle on the top of the head cut as a flat plane, giving a leveled 'flat-topped' look.