Where Was Holiday On The Buses Filmed?

The movie was released in 1973
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Holiday On The Buses was filmed in the Pontin Holiday Camp, Prestatyn, North Wales. The movie was released 50 years ago.

The movie was released on 26 December 1973. The film was one hour long and has got 5.8/10 by critics. The story is about the guys and Jack getting fired after crashing two buses. 

They get another job as a bus driver in the holiday camp. The film is the by-product of the ITV sitcom On the Buses and Mutiny on the Buses.

The producer also planned to make a fourth movie but canceled the plan. The film was played by famous faces like Reg Varney as Stan Butler, Doris Hare as Mrs. Mabel  Butler, Michael Robbins as Arthur Rudge, Anna Karen as Olive Rudge, and Stephen Lewis as Inspector Cyril 'Blakey' Blake.

The movie was a massive success at the box office and was loved by the audience, but film critics did not give a positive review.

Where Was Holiday On The Buses Filmed?

Holiday on the Buses is a 1973 show filmed in Wales, UK. The film was directed by Bryan Izzard and written by Ronald Chesney.

Another inside scene was filmed at EMI-MGM Elstree Studios, Borehamwood. They also filmed the movie in locations like Rhuddlan and Rhyl.

Rhuddlan is a scene bridge where suitcases are lost. In Rhyl, the beginning of Mystery tour inc. seafront and bridge were filmed.

Gwrych Castle is the main part of the mystery tour, where grounds are only shown. Station Road Bridge is near Castle, where the family's luggage goes into the river. Stage 5 is the exterior of the Town & District Bus Garage, which was later demolished in 1991.

Pontin Holiday Camp

The Pontin is a holiday park operated by a British company operating. Since 2011 the place has been owned by Britannia Hotels.

The film was also shot in the Pontin holiday camp. In the movie, it can be seen as Stan and Jack arrive at the holiday camp.

The Pontin is famous after the movie was filmed
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At that time, Rhyl Pavillion Theatre organized a question and answer session. Two lucky people will get to have dinner with the cast, and they will also get autographs.

The bus name was also kept Pontin, and the movie initially began from the park, per Rhyl's journal.

They resemble prehistoric times as they have caves of Graig Fawr and evidence of early human habitation. The roman bathhouse is also believed to be part of the location.

In medieval times the town appeared to be a fishing village. Due to its appearance and history, it is natural to attract the film industry to make it a filming location.   

Prestatyn, North Wales

Prestatyn is a beautiful seaside town and community in Denbighshire, Wales. The place was an attraction for the movie.

The place can be seen on the stan, and Jack applied for the new job, which was called holiday village. The scene where Blakey calls stan to bring his pen back is filmed in Wales.

Prestatyn is famous for its sea and mountain
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The station road, Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, can be seen as stan returns from the tour. While the bus was returning, the crew also took a shot of the bridge over the River Clwyd in Rhuddlan.

The movie also shows the place like pedestrianized High Street, the corner of Sussex Street. They also offer the demolished Pavilion stands as claimed by reel streets.

The area has many mountains and valleys, and its main attraction is the sea. The cast of the movie also reunited after 40 years. The remaining cast member visited the area where they filmed the movie.

They reunited in 2017, and they also answered all questions asked by their fans. The cast was very emotional as the places have not changed much.  

What Happened To The Locations Now?

The movies location remains unchanged but the Elstree Film Studios have some changes. Stage 1 is demolished in the early 90s and was used for interior filming.

During the cast reunion, one of the cast members was in tears as the place had not changed much, and memories were brought back according to blazing minds.

The main building at Pontin's Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park in 2014
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They also traveled on the bus that Howards Travel Group donated. The studio also demolished stage 5, which was later used as Stans's next job after losing his job in the holiday camp.

The film location Pontin Holiday Camp, Prestatyn, North Wales, was also used for filming other movies like Infestation and Anything Legal Considered. The bus used in the movie was XFM 229 later; it was scraped in 1982.