Lori Lightfoot And Wife Adopted Their Daughter Vivian When She Was Young

Amy shared a picture on Lightfoot's birthday along with Vivian in 2021.
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Lori Lightfoot daughter Vivian Lightfoot is an accomplished track athlete at her school. Lori and wife Amy Eshleman adopted Vivian.

Lightfoot is a mayor of Chicago elected in 2019. She has majored in Law and has served as a clerk for Justice in Michigan Supreme Court. After that, she became a practicing attorney at the Mayer Brown law firm.

She has also served as a chief administrator of the Chicago police department office of professional standards. Lori is originally from Ohio and moved to Chicago to work in Emergency Management and communication and later worked in a police department.

Lori announced her candidacy for election in 2018 for Mayor of Chicago. She won the 2019 mayor of Chicago election and also became the second female Chicago mayor. 

Lori Lightfoot Is Raising Vivian Lightfoot In Chicago

Lightfoot and her wife adopted Vivian when she was very young. Vivian is close to her parents and is currently 14 years old.

Vivian is also seen with Lori at different events and has supported her during an election. She also frequently appeared on her mother, Amy's Instagram.

Vivian is obsessed with Titok and encourages both Lori and Amy to make videos. She is currently practicing for a marathon. Vivian used to play basketball but stopped after getting a leg injury.

Lori with her family on Valentines Day 2022.
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During the pandemic, Vivian mostly stayed home and played a virtual board game with her friend. She was also featured in her mother in a television advertisement for Chicago mayoral campaign, as per Chicago Tribune.

In the advertisement, it can be seen that they are in Logan Square's living room, and her kid is in the background. Lori also said that she is running in the election because of her kid and for the future of Chicago children.

Lori also revealed that Vivian plays the trumpet. She added that she would focus on public safety in every neighborhood. Lightfoot also promised that she would invest in the local school and make sure every family could afford to stay in the city.

Lori Lightfoot Family Life With Amy Eshleman

Lori and Amy have been together for over a decade. They both married in 2014, the year same-gender marriage was legalized. 

As per The Sun, Amy is based in Illinois and lives in the same city Sterling. In the early 90s, she moved to Chicago and served in Chicago public Library for 20 years.

In 2020 Amy posted pictures of her and Lori and expressed her emotion toward their relationship. She also shared that 53 years ago, their marriage was illegal, and now they are raising children and living their life openly. 

They both are also seen in the 49th annual Pride Parade in Chicago, walking hand in hand.

 Lori and her wife Amy on the day of Pride month
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With Chicago Tribute, Amy also shared that walking with her partner was one of her life's most profound, emotional, and humbling moments.

Amy also added that Chicago and the resident are most open, welcoming, diverse, loving, and non-judgemental. After her wife was elected mayor, Amy became the First Lady of Chicago.

Since then, Eshleman has been involved in different championships and has seen attending and giving speeches at different events. 

Recently she posted a picture with Riccardo Muti and praised him for being a wonderful ambassador for Chicago. She was a full-time stay-at-home mom and took care of their family.