Sarah Stitt, Kevin Stitt's wife And Net Worth - 5 Fast Facts

Sarah Stitt: Oklahoma’s First Lady
Sarah Stitt: Oklahoma’s First Lady( Source : cloudfront )

Sarah is the Wife of the 28th governor of Oklahoma and an American businessman, Kevin Stitt.

She is the president of a nonprofit organization and is currently in charge of the Governor's Mansions rehabilitation.

Sarah is the current first lady of Oklahoma and has been in that position since her husband assumed office in 2019.

The primary role of the first lady is the host of the Oklahoma Governors Mansion. She spent 20 years working at Gateway Mortgage, which helps employees grow spiritually.

She is working to utilize her position to advocate for those suffering from mental health issues.

Sarah has experience working with close family members through the challenge of diagnosing and managing health issues.

Wife of Kevin Stitt, Sarah always thinks and hopes for a bright future for every Oklahoman.

She is working to connect state resources with nonprofits combatting ACES daily.

Kevin Stitt Early Life

Kevin Stitt is serving as the 28th governor of Oklahoma.
Kevin Stitt is serving as the 28th governor of Oklahoma.( Source : oklahoma )

Kevin was born in Milton, Florida, on December 28, 1972. He spent his childhood in Wayne, Oklahoma.

He moved to Norman with his father, the Riverside church pastor. Kevin studied at Norman High School and completed his bachelor's in accounting from Oklahoma State University.

While at college, Kevin helped pay his way through by selling educational products with Southwestern Advantage.

In his first year, he was the first person in history to achieve top sales as the first year salesperson.

He is a member of the Gamma Lambada Chapter of the Beta Theta Pu fraternity.

Kevin Stitt Business And Political Career

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt gestures toward his cabinet members during his fourth State of the State address at the Capitol on Feb. 7, 2022
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt gestures toward his cabinet members during his fourth State of the State address at the Capitol on Feb. 7, 2022( Source : wp )

Before starting his company, Kevin worked in the financial services sector. He stated Gate in 200 with $1000 and a Computer.

He founded Gateway in 2000 and was president and CEO until 2014. He wants to get approved as he wants the federal Housing Administration during his starting phase.

Stitt began obtaining licensing in states other than Oklahoma and recruiting loan officers. By 2006, the Gateway had more than 400 employees.

In 2018, Kevin Stitt left the CEO post and hired outside management. Scott Gesell became CEO in 2020, but Kevin remained chairman for a short period.

Political Career

Kevin announced his candidacy for governor in 2018. Face nine other candidates in the election and finished second.

In the November 2018 general election, he defeated the Democratic nominee, General Drew Edmondson, and Libertarian Chris Powell.

During his election campaign, he called himself the only job creator with business experience and emphasized his business background.

In 2019, he was inaugurated at the Oklahoma State Capitol, and the chief justice swore him where; Stitt gave fifteen minutes of the inaugural address.

In 2021, he signed a bill against teaching critical race theory. Kevin signed another bill in 2022 that will require students at public charter schools.

Kevin Stitt is responsible for making appointments to Oklahoma State Courts upon a vacancy.

Kevin Stitt Family

Kevin is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation through his grandfather. His grandfather's name is Robert Benton Dawson.

His grandfather got land because of his tribal citizenship, and an uncle of Kevin still owns the land.

Kevin's maternal grandparents were dairy farmers, and his paternal grandfather was the head of the Oklahoma City Stockyards.

Sarah Stitt Married Life And Children

Sarah Stitt and Kevin with their children
Sarah Stitt and Kevin with their children( Source : twitter )

Sarah Stitt married Kevin in 1998, and the couple has six children. All the kids range in age from five to nineteen, who is their pride and passion.

Sarh and Kevin's kids' names have not been offered to the media sources. Two of the kids seem to have graduated from the University.

Three boys and three girls, and a few of them are still attending school.

In an interview, Kevin said their children probably wouldn't stay in Oklahoma, and they need to make Oklahoma a place where their kids can be healthy and have a bright future.

Kevin Stitt Net Worth And Social Media

Kevin Stitt's Net Worth had been growing significantly from 2020-2021.

His estimated Net Worth as of 2022 is $20 million, and the Political profession is his primary source of income.

He was ranked 31st among US chief justice salaries, and they were paid an average of $155,230 yearly.

Social Media

Stitt is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Facebook account: @Governor Kevin Stitt

He has 125K followers on his Facebook account and post related to political issues on Facebook.

Twitter account: @Governor Kevin Stitt

Linkedin account: Kevin Stitt
YouTube account: Kevin Stitt

Five Facts About Kevin Stitt

  1. Kevin Stitt was raised in the State of Oklahoma.
  2. He was a member of the Cherokee Nation.
  3. Kevin founded Gateway with just $1000 and a computer.
  4. He has proposed some criminal justice reforms.
  5. Stitt did not take the COVID-19 Crisis as seriously as other governors.

Some FAQs

Who is the First Lady of Oklahoma?

Sarah Stitt is serving as First Lady of Oklahoma.

How many children does Governor Stitt of Oklahoma have?

Stitt married Sarah Hazen in 1998 and they have six children.

How old is Kevin Stitt?

He is 49 years old as of 2022