Where Was Nicole Kidman's Movie Strangerland Filmed?

Strangerland was released in 2015
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The movie Strangerland was filmed in Sydney, Canowindra and Broken Hills in Australia. The movie made its initial release on 23 January 2015.

Many known faces starred in the film, including Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, and Hugo Weaving. The movie has a runtime of 106 minutes.

The Australian Indie film was the directorial debut of Kim Farrant. Before Strangerland, Nicole had made an 80-minute documentary called Naked on The Inside.

The film marked the starring of Nicole Kidman in an Australian independent film after a long time. Her first role was in 1989’s Dead Calm.

Initially, Guy Pearce was supposed to appear in the movie instead of Fiennes. But Pearce quit a month before the production started due to his conflicting work schedule, which is why Joseph took his place.

Where Was The Movie Strangerland Filmed?

The movie Strangerland was filmed in Australia, especially around Sydney, Canowindra and Broken Hills.


The movie began its production in March 2014 from the capital of New South Wales, Sydney. The leading actress arrived in Sydney with her two daughters to star in the film soon after the technicalities were cleared.

Kidman brought along her daughters when she came for the shoot of the movie in Sydney.
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For the rest of the parts, the movie was shot in the remote outback town of Canowindra and Broken Hill. Although the film is set in one town, the cameras were rolling for quite some time in Sydney before changing places.

Following their time there, the cast and crew traveled to Canowindra, followed by Broken Hill.


Canowindra is a small picturesque town in central western NSW of Australia. The crew of the movie turned it into Nathgari.

After wrapping up their shoot in Sydney, the crew moved on to the town for week-long on-location filming. 

The small town is known to be the hometown of Richard Payten. The city is situated on the bank of the Belubula River and is best known as the Balloon Capital Of Australia.

Nicholas Hamilton played Tommy during the shoot in Canowindra
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For filming, The River Bank Hotel was made into Nathgari Library with various signs outside to assist the theme. Similarly, The Royal Hotel displayed a sign announcing the Mathgari Sporting Carnival.

Overall, downtown Canowindra was turned into a red dust-blown bush town beyond Broken Hill. The Strangerland team wrapped up the shoot in the town on April 10, after which the dust-strewed footpath and storefronts of Gaskill street were cleared up.

The city was back to being Canowindra from Nathgari once again pretty soon.

Broken Hills

Broken Hill was the central filming location of Strangerland. The desert landscape of the city was featured in the film.

Broken Hill is an outback city far west of New South Wales. It was the first place to be listed as a Heritage city.

Catherine and the police officer search for the lost kids in the out back
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Strangerland is not the first movie shot in a city with a long mining history. Some significant productions like Mission: Impossible II, Godzilla: Final Wars, Dirty Deeds, Beyond The Wasteland, and Reckless Kelly, among others, have been shot there.

When the movie's plot thickens, various parts of the vast landscapes of Broken Hills can be seen so that the film almost gets lost in the Australian outback.

What Happens In The Movie Strangerland?

Strangerland looked quite promising even for a directorial debut. It was a drama suspense film that came out in 2015.

The plot of the Kim Farrant movie revolves around the distressed parents of two teenage children that go missing in outback Australia. The story starts when the Parker family moves into the outback town of Nathgari.

Father Matthew is a pharmacist who is away at work every day, while mother Catherine stays home to look after their two teenage children, Tommy and Lily. 

The tension between them is evident from the very first moment. As the film progresses, it is shown that Matthew and Catherine’s marriage is falling apart, and the kids are heavily affected by it.

Catherine reports her missing kids at the town police station
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All of them have some disdain for Lily, especially her father, who makes it very evident because she is the reason they had to move from their home in the city into a town in the middle of nowhere.

Amid all the tension, one night, out of nowhere, both the kids suddenly disappear into the night, throwing Catherine into a frenzy, and the dust storm that follows through does not help.

The police are involved, and the townspeople are helping the parkers look for the kids, but Matthew is uptight and reluctant. 

Strangerland tries to encompass too much during its two-hour run time, including indigenous mythology and their ways, a failed marriage, disturbing personalities, and loss of innocence.