Kirsten Gillibrand Family Life Along With Two Wonderful Kids

Kirsten Gillibrand with her kids at Thanksgiving Day visiting her mother-in-law grave
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Kirsten Gillibrand is raising sons, Theodore Gillibrand and Henry Gillibrand. Kristen is living in New York with her family.

Since 2009 Kristen is serving as a Junior United States in New York. She is a renowned politician and lawyer and graduated from UCLA School of Law.

After graduation, she worked as an associate in a Manhattan-based law firm David Polk and Wardwell.  She also worked at Hillary Clinton's 2000 US Senate Campaign.

The campaign's main goal was to encourage young women to join the campaign. Many women joined the campaign, but the Clinton closed during the election.

Former president Barack Obama announced In 2010, she won a special election and kept the seat, and in 2010 she was reelected as US secretary of state.

Gillibrand has also written a book called "off the sidelines: Raise Your Voice, change the world" in 2016.  The book was ranked number 8 on the best-seller list in New York Times. 

Kirsten Gillibrand Sons Theodore And Henry Gillibrand

Kristen Gillibrand is a mother to two sons Theodore and Henry Gillibrand. Kristen got a standing ovation from her colleagues in the House for working unit on the day of delivery.

Her both son frequently appeared on her Instagram post. She also takes them to many events and campaigns with her.

She also posted a mother's day picture on her Instagram and expressed that she is lucky to be spending time with her sons. And also shared that being her son's mom is the most incredible privilege of her life.

Theodore Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand with her eldest son Theodore Gillibrand at Nys Museum
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Theodore Gillibrand is her eldest child born in 2003 and is currently 20 years old. She also shares her birth story with her first son on her Instagram.

She shared that she has gestational diabetes and was sick after delivering Theo through an emergency C-section and was hospitalized for weeks.

She was very grateful for the support she got from her husband and her family. Kristen is always fighting for paid leave for new moms.

Due to her traumatic delivery, she appealed for three months of paid leave, and it was approved. Since that day, she has not stopped fighting to bring give the same opportunity to every woman.

Henry Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand with her with her youngest son Henry Gillibrand celebrating Christmas
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Henry Gillibrand is her youngest child born in 2008 and is currently 15 years old. In 2019 he got the attention of the media as he nearly cast both for his mother's rival.

They attended WHO-TV's "Cast Your Kernel Contest." The voter has to place corn in a jar with the name of a candidate.

Henry teasingly put the corn in the jar of his mother's rival Elizabeth Warren, and Kristen gently put his hand towards her jar.

He cleverly said he will vote for Kristen she looks pretty good and dropped his Kernel in her jar as per Des Moines Register. 

Recently Kristen also posted pictures of Henry having fun in New York and also attended a Hary Style concert at Madison Square Garden. 

Kirsten Gillibrand Husband Jonathan Gillibrand

Kristen Gillibrand and Jonathan Gillibrand have been married for 21 years. Kristen and Jonathan met on a blind date.

Jonathan is originally from the united kingdom and moved to the United States to pursue an MBA degree at Columbia University.

While giving an interview to Vouge she went on blind dates when she was studying law and Jonathan was doing his MBA.

Jonathan's plan was to return home after his study, but the universe has a better plan for him. On their first date, they hit off right away and they got married in 2001.

Kirsten Gillibrand husband Jonathan Gillibrand and her two sons
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She describes her husband as the very supportive and kindest person she has ever met. He is very supportive of her political career and also gives her strategic advice, but he does not really involve in politics.

Kris also revealed that his husband gets very upset when she is as she is in a high position and a public figure she sometimes has to face negative comments.

Otherwise, Jonathan is very supportive of her career and believes that his wife can make a difference in the political world.

In an interview with the new york family, Kristen shares that Jonathan has been doing different jobs at different levels and he has always been there for her emotionally.

She also shared that they are very opposite to each other when it comes to parenting. Kristen let her child express themselves and motivate her children to do arts and crafts, visit museums and teach them baking.

Whereas Jonathan mainly focus on academic and reading, but they balance each other and help their children be a better person.

Jonathan is a very private person and does not have any social media, but his wife does not shy away from praising him. 

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Daughter Of Polly And Douglas Rutnik

Kristen was born to her mother Polly Edwina and her father Douglas Paul Rutnik. Kristen shared her childhood with her brother and sister.

Kristen's parent are divorced are not together and officially divorced in 1980. Her mother used to work as an attorney, and her father worked as a lobbyist. 

Kirsten Gillibrand Christmas card with her whole family
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She also shared a throwback picture with her older brother and younger sister celebrating Easter day. In New York Family, she also shared that her role model is her mother, a young mother.

She also learns to balance her work and personal life from her mother. Kris grew up in New York and during her childhood, she used to play lots of sports like Ski, Ice Skate and played a lot of outdoor games.

Kristen's nickname was "Tina" and used it throughout her childhood and college years and used her real name after graduating from law school.

As per Syracuse her father also made headlines after he got involved in trafficking, wire fraud, identity theft, money laundering and forced labour. 

Kristen's stepmother was also involved but left such work after her father got sued.