Under Suspicion 2020 Movie Ending Explained: Who Was The Killer?

Under Suspicion 2020
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Under Suspicion 2020 ending shows Henry Hearst innocent of the charges laid against him throughout the movie. Actor Gene Hackman plays Henry Hearst.

The movie is directed by Stephen Hopkins and written by Claude Miller, Jean Herman and Michel Audiard. The series is the adaptation of the French film Garde à vue the 1970s British novel Brainwash, written by John Wainwright.

It was screened out of competition at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

Gene Hackman as Henry Hearst, Morgan Freeman as Captain Victor Benezet, Thomas Jane as Detective Felix Owens and Monica Bellucci as Chantal Hearst are the main lead of the movie. Under Suspicion was released on September 22, 2000. 

The movie had a budget of 25 million USD and collected 1.38 million USD from the box office. The film got a 6.4/10 rating on IMDB

The film is a crime thriller about a murder investigation. On the way to a charity function, Henry Hearst gets a call from Victor, who wants him to come to the station so that they may review his statement in connection with a murder investigation.

This ten-minute meeting turns into an investigation into his personal life. Henry maintains his innocence, while Victor attempts to establish his guilt by progressively revealing his deepest secrets and thoughts.

Under Suspicion 2020 Movie Ending Explained

The movie’s title rings true throughout the film as the main protagonist Henry Hearst is Under Suspicion for the whole film.

Henry and Chantal's questioning and subsequent home search reveal evidence linking Henry to both killings, confirming Victor's initial suspicions.

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Henry, realizing that his wife dislikes him so much that she helps the police come up with proof to establish that he is the killer, confesses. Victor, however, realizes that the actual killer has been arrested, just as he admits.

Chantal understands that her irritation against him almost ruined him. She thinks about giving up her life because of her guilt but ultimately returns to Henry to beg for forgiveness.

While Henry and Chantal examine their circumstances, Victor considers the harm he has caused and how he almost accused an innocent man of a horrible crime.

Who Is The Killer in Under Suspicion?

The body is that of a young woman who was killed in a park. Even Victor's boss does not want to accept that Henry is the one they could be searching for. 

In contrast, Victor and his subordinate Owens feel that Henry's false statement is sufficient to prove that he is the killer. There is no solid evidence against Henry.

Monica Bellucci played the role of Chantal Hearst
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There is no DNA evidence; he left nothing at the crime site that may connect him to the crime. Henry seduced his wife, Chantal, while she was a teenager.

Hearst first blames Chantal for being jealous. Henry believes it to be Chantal's trap. She would be entitled to half of everything, including the mansion, and he avoids divorcing her.

Henry surrenders. He begins to disclose everything. Suddenly, Benezet interrupts.

Another cop informs that they have discovered the actual killer in a car, harassing another young girl and with recorded films preserved in his vehicle. Benezet and Owens release Henry after the discovery.

Under Suspicion 2020 Movie Review

Under Suspicion is an intense drama showing Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman's great acting skills. The movie got an average rating of 5.3/10.

It is an adaptation of the French film Garde a Vue, which is as gripping and captivating as a psychological thriller.

The drama is tremendously gripping, and the tension lasts until the end, staying with the spectator for hours afterward. The film follows the police as they investigate the death of a little girl.

The movie has one of the most compelling story lines
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In a drama set in Puerto Rico, Gene portrays the wealthy tax attorney Henry Hearst. Morgan's character Captain Victor Benezet interrupts Henry in the middle of his fundraising address.

Victor has a few inquiries about Henry's recent discovery of the corpse of a young girl. As Henry is questioned more, he increasingly seems guilty.

The audience will be compelled to reflect on the truth and recollection and how psychological trauma and compulsion may distort people's perceptions of who they are.

Thomas Jane provides one of his best performances as Owens, while Monica Belluci gives a credible and delicate portrayal. The film is highly recommended as an outstanding, unforgettable suspense thriller with depth and purpose.