Catherine Cortez Masto Husband Paul Masto Worked For The Secret Service

Catherine Cortez Masto actively works for pushing for provisions in Build Back Better to strengthen Nevada’s clean energy industry, create jobs, and bring down the cost of clean transportation
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Catherine Cortez Masto is married to her husband Paul Masto. The couple lives together in Las Vegas.

Cortez Masto is a former Attorney General of Nevada who served in the position between 2007-2015. In November 2016, she made history by becoming the first woman from Nevada and the first Latina ever elected to the US Senate. 

During her time as Nevada's Attorney General, she became well-known for her advocacy for seniors, women, and children. She worked with local law enforcement to keep Nevada's communities safe and led the effort to break up sex trafficking rings throughout the state. 

She also helped pass a law to make sex trafficking a crime at the state level and sought to protect Nevada's seniors by implementing guardianship reform. As a senator, Cortez Masto is a strong advocate for working Nevadans and serves on four Senate Committees. 

She is working to pass legislation to strengthen women's health care, repair the broken immigration system and protect hardworking families. Additionally, she is working to cement Nevada's place as a leader in innovation and strengthen America's economic competitiveness.

Catherine is very close with her family members, including her parents and siblings, and children.

Catherine Cortez Masto Is Married To Her Partner Paul Masto

Paul Masto is the husband of Catherine Cortez Masto. Paul is a former special agent of the United States Secret Service. 

After his retirement from Secret Service, he has now established himself as the owner of Universal Security Specialists, a private security company that provides security services to various clients. 

The company is currently providing security to two medical marijuana enterprises called GreenMart and Silver Leaf Farms. As a retired Secret Service agent, Paul brings a wealth of experience and expertise in security to his company.

Catherine along with her husband Paul watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take oath as President and Vice President of USA
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Paul Masto first met his wife Catherine when they were both tasked with organizing the logistics for President Bill Clinton's visit to Las Vegas in the late 1990s. At the time, Catherine Marie Cortez Masto was serving as Governor Miller's chief of staff.

When Paul first asked her out on a date, she was hesitant to say yes, but eventually agreed on the condition that she would drive herself and be able to leave whenever she wanted. 

This shows that she was independent and self-sufficient, and Paul found her attractive for her strong personality. Paul considered Catherine a good negotiator, as she negotiated for lunch instead of dinner when he asked her out.

They tied the knot around 1999. Now, the couple has been married for 23 years, which shows that their relationship has stood the test of time. They have built a strong and lasting bond despite their busy and high-profile careers.

Catherine Lives With Her Family In Las Vegas

Catherine lived in Las Vegas with her family since her birth. She grew up with parents Joanna and Manny Cortez and a sister.

She has spent almost all of her life in Vegas. She also attended the university in her hometown. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Nevada.

Catherine wished a happy fathers day to her father in June 2022
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She stayed in the city even after marrying her husband Paul. Although she is pretty active on social media platforms like Instagram, she is yet to share any news about her children.

But, she has often mentioned how she loves spending time with her husband in Las Vegas. In her Catherine Cortez Masto for Senate website, it has been noted that the couple enjoys hiking together. The pair enjoys hiking together and travels through Nevada’s state parks.

Catherine along with Senator Jacky Rosen celebrated celebrate Día de los Muertos today at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center
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As a senator and a Nevada citizen, she can also be seen as a part of various state traditions. On November 3, 2022, she was seen celebrating  Día de Los Muertos today at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center in Vegas.

In the caption of the photo she uploaded on Instagram, she wrote that she was proud to see Las Vegas’s strong Latino community honoring the beautiful memories of the loved ones who have passed.