How Many Episodes Is Shanty Town On Netflix?

Nigerian crime thriller series Shanty Town on Netflix
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Netflix has come up with a new Original Web series Shanty Town. The series contains six episodes having 36 to 46 minutes run time.

Shanty Town is a Nigerian thriller show that will take you to the dark streets of Nigeria. The series is created by Xavier Ighorodje and Chichi Nworah himself. The story is written by Xavier himself under the production of Giant Creative Studios and the direction of Dimeli Ajibola.

This one is something extraordinary that we haven't seen before. However, it is quite obvious that the series has some kind of division between the class.

The conflict between Lagos Hunters, The Lords, and the ladies of Shanty Town is much more predictable and creates interest among the series' audience. The series has presented the social hierarchy where some people have reached the top, and some remain at the bottom.

Initially, the show was planned to be created as a full-length movie but ended up making a web series having several episodes due to some issues related to Budget. It somehow reminds the audience of the American crime drama series The Wire.

Shanty Town Episode Guide

Shanty Town is a Netflix original series having six Limited episodes. Each episode contains the most different and thrilling plotlines.

The series shows the shanty town community back in 2004. A woman wakes up her twin daughters and gets ready for the prayer when suddenly gangsters come to attack them with guns. A man gets into their hut and asks the woman to show, but it is not clear if he is actually asking for her body or something else. Another man from the outside came to rescue them, and he got killed along with one of the twin sisters.

Now it takes the audience to time after 18 years of the incident where some naked men and women packaging drugs for Kingpin, Scar. Many women work under him as prostitutes. This episode introduces the major characters of the show.

The story goes with the flow of the story and the characters presented in the previous one. Inem, the twin girl who survived, returns to the Shanty Town with a new identity. Then Scar finds himself caught between two powerful political groups. Shalewa awakens to a surprising confrontation.

In begins to work as a prostitute in the club, where she catches the eye of dangerous guests. Scar asks Shareware to do something to pay off her debt.

However, when she brings Scar an early payoff, he becomes angry and threatens to kill her, telling her that at all costs, she is actually more than she is. Show her that you owe her much more.

Ene receives a call from Inem, asking him to pick her up from prison. Ene is shocked to hear about Inem, as Scar had told him years ago that Inem had died. She tries to pay Inem to hide, but Inem insists she returns to Scar in Shantytown, where she belongs.

At the end of the season, Amanda confronts Ene about Jackie's voicemail. But as the truth comes out and the smoldering rivalry heats up, Shareva finds herself in grave danger.

One person makes the rules, everyone else obeys, Shanty Town on Netflix
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Shanty Town Netflix Plot and character

Shanty Town goes around the story of three Lagos hustlers crew.  It shows a war against the most ruthless criminal gang in the state.

The series tries to emphasize the city's seedier side while bringing to life the dynamic characters that go unnoticed under normal life. Groups of prostitutes attempt to escape from the rule of the infamous Kingpin, but the corruption and blood relations become the barrier as it makes freedom nearly impossible.

Although the show is mostly covering up the storyline, its general context involves corruption and illegal, mostly drug-related ventures. It is meant to benefit a group of people who do bad things and safely get away with it.

The cast of the series includes Chidi Mokeme as The Kingpin, Inem, and Nancy as the Bait. These three are the major characters playing the lead roles in the show. Ali Nuhu as The Accountant, and Shaffy Bello, as Her Excellency: The Disruptor are also counted as the major characters.

Actors in supportive roles are Sola Sobowale as Dark Priestess of Zanga, The Firebrand as Ini Edo, and Nse Ikpe Etim as The Crafty One. Other minor characters include Uche Jombo as The Detective, Peter Okoye as The Cub, Nancy Isime as The Bait, Mercy Eke as The Lamb, Zubby Micheal as Colorado, the bringer of smoke, and RMD as The Big Bad wolf.

First look at Sola Sobowale in 'Shanty Town', a 6-part crime thriller series premiering on Netflix
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Shanty Town Netflix Release Date and Second Season News

Shanty Town was released on January 20, 2023. The series will be exclusively available on Netflix.

The multi-lingual drama was originally supposed to be released by December 28, 2022, as a feature-length movie, but Netflix picked it up to create a six episodes long web series as per leisurebyte

Talking about the second season of the series, streamingdue reports that the series is not having another season because it is not receiving positive reviews from the audience. People do not like it. Initially, the makers were planning to continue the series, but after receiving such negative feedback, the chances of having another season may be minimal. 

Chidi Mokeme Scar looks on Shanty Town as The Ruthless Kingpin
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