Bake Squad What Happens To The Food?

Bake Squad is now streaming on Netflix
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Bake Squad what happens to the food? The food in Bake Squad is given away at the food bank, charity, and to the crew members.

Bake Squad is supported by the old school studio in Los Angeles, one of the entertainment industry's premier reality and unscripted broadcasters today. The program revolves around baking and the magnificent, inventive cakes the four bakers create for each client.

The program debuted for an eight-episode initial season on August 11, 2021. Christina Tosi is the host. The program is categorized as Food Reality Television. Maya-Camille Broussard, Ashley Holt, Gonzo Jimenez, and Christophe Rull are among the crew members.

The show's executive producer is Yasmin Shackleton. The show is 35 minutes long. The series is merely somewhat competitive, with no rewards or elimination-style features.

Instead, the concentration is on producing lavish cakes for a single episode customer, typically for a celebration, marriage, or birthday. The bakers typically have seven hours to finish their cakes before presenting them.

What Happens To The Food In Bake Squad?

Bake Squad gives the remaining food to the shelter, charity and is eaten by crew members. The home economics team cleans the show's kitchen.

Bake Squad is a show about experienced bakers that use incredible techniques to upgrade cakes. The show aired on 11 August 2021.

Bake Squad is a renewed culinary competition series which will premiere on 20 January 2023
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1. Charity 

All leftovers and unwanted pantry products are subsequently donated to MEND, a support service organization in Los Angeles.

MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) has been gathering and delivering apparel, furniture, and food to the neediest persons in Los Angeles Valley region since 1971.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a charity event celebrating Wrigley Field's 100th anniversary in 2014 featured a massive 400-pound cake portraying the famed baseball stadium created by the Cake Boss bakery. 

2. Crew Member 

After the filming, the remaining food is typically distributed among all the team members, who can taste some wonderful meals created by the show's competitors.

According to The Sun, the team on the UK version of the program takes its leftovers very seriously.

The raw materials like groceries, uncooked meats, etc., are given to the junior employees, who might not be making much money, whereas the finished meals are split between both the shooting team. Nothing is thrown away.

3. Shelter

Cupcake Wars, which aired from 2009 to 2018, generates towering cupcake masterpieces built for prolonged periods at room temperature.

They were occasionally permitted to preserve the beautiful and carefully complex fondant sculptures when the cupcakes were produced for special occasions and charitable donations.

4. Food Bank

Every week, staff examines food products for expiration dates, and if the goods are still edible, they are delivered to food banks.

Compared to other programs, there aren't a lot of food scraps after each competition. The foos is usually shared for jury members tasting, as per The Daily Meal.

Bake Squad Season 2

Bake Squad season 1 is now available on Netflix. The season consists of eight episodes each lasting less than 40 minutes. 

Bake Squad Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on Friday, January 20, 2023. According to Deadline, the forthcoming new season will also contain eight additional 35-minute episodes.

Christina Tosi with four bakers of the show
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Christina Tosi will return as a presenter, and Ashley Holt, a cake decorator. Christophe Rull, Maya-Camlle Broussard, a pastry chef, and Gonzo Jimenez, a chocolatier, will also participate in the series.

Four bakers compete in the show to determine whose cake will be recognized for someone's extra special big occasion. 

However, the show has no rewards or competition-like features, where cookie queen Tosi provides a helping hand. Robin Ashbrook, the former MasterChef showrunner who founder produces with Yasmin Shackleton, started the producing firm.