Will There Be Colin from Accounts Season 2?

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Yes, there will be season 2 of Colin From Accounts based on the review by Mamamia. The first season ended on 1 December 2022 in Australia.

Colin From Accounts is an Australian comedy TV series starring Patrick Brammall as Gordon and Harriet Dyer as Ashley as they navigate life together. 

Patrick and Harriet directed, wrote, and produced this series. The show has eight episodes with a 20 to 30 minutes episode duration and was released by the Australian streaming platform Bing. 

The show features famous Australian actors like Emma Harvie, Genevieve Hegney, and Michael Logo. The Guardian gave the show a 4-star review out of 5, and the fans love the rom-com. The series also has an average 8.4 rating on IMDb.

Colin from Accounts Season 2

Yes, there will be a season 2 of Colin from Accounts. The first season of the Australian series has received a positive reception.

People praise the real-life couple Patrick and Harriet for bringing their chemistry on screen and creating a real-life comedy instead of the canned laughter of most romcoms.

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The brilliant casting and attention to every detail of a character's development are why people are hooked on this show. The fans down under are already demanding a new season. 

Even though an official announcement is yet to be made, based on fan reactions and critics' reactions alike, looks like the show will get a second season.

Colin From Accounts Season 1 Recap

Colin From Accounts Season 1 has been praised for their excellent writing. Season 1 has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show starts with two single individuals, Ashley, played by Harriet, and Gordon, played by Patrick, finding each other through a car accident where they injure a dog named "Colin" and now have to manage around $12,000 to save the dog. 

Both Ashley and Gordon try to blame each other for the problem and exchange complex and quirky dialogues with each other. However, the matter at hand remains the safety of the dog. 

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After the vet treats Collin, Ashley agrees to take him home; however, her landlord reminds her of the no-pets policy, and the pair decides to keep him at Gordon's apartment. Nevertheless, Gordon is never at home due to his business, so Ashley temporarily moves in with him. 

The next day Gordon gets mad at Ashley when the dog urinates on his nightstand. The two argue for a while, and Gordon asks her to find a new place as she cannot take care of the dog's needs.

He also states that he has a date and might return home with her and suggests Ashley find somewhere else to live. While Gordon is at work, Ashley discovers his last name is Crapp. She buys her a new nightstand and puts it in his room. 

Gordon's date doesn't go well, so he returns home early and pets Colin. When he goes upstairs to his room, he sees the new nightstand bought by Ashley as she looks at him and makes fun of his surname.

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The two have a brief chat and make out, starting their romantic relationship. Throughout the series, Ashley and Gordon go on a whirlwind of trips and slowly start building a romantic relationship with each other.

The character development of the two characters, while the change of emotions, is perfectly executed by the real-life couple. Slowly, things take a turn as Ashley invites her party-loving friends to celebrate her birthday. This episode is called "Bandit" and is the second last episode of the Season. 

During this episode, many things are said between Ashley and Gordon, creating a disbalance between them. Finally, the show ends with the pair breaking up and agreeing to find a new home for Colin so the two can go their separate ways.