Edge Of Alaska Cast Now, What Happened After The Show?

Edge of Alaska is an American reality television series premiered on 24 October 2014
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Edge of Alaska cast now is doing well in their respective careers after the show ended on 26 November 2017. Discovery ended the series after four seasons.

The Edge of Alaska is an American reality television series that aired its first episode on discovery channel on October 24, 2014. The series has four seasons and eight episodes in each of the seasons, with a runtime of 42 minutes each. 

According to Biographyresearch, the leading cause for the season's cancellation was reportedly growing tensions between the show's lead cast Neil Darish, McCarthy residents, and the showrunners. 

Moreover, the series never came back because Neil Darish, the owner and cast of McCarthy, Alaska, sold practically the entire town for roughly $3.7 million at the end of the season.

John Beach

John Beach narrated the series Edge Of Alaska from 2014-2016. He left the show in season three which aired on 18 December 2016. 

John is an actor, narrator, and writer who appeared in many television series and short movies in his career. According to John's IMDB, he has appeared in many tv series after he left the show in 2016.

His first series after the show was Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation in 2017, where he played the narrator.

Moreover, John is recognized for his character in Beach party as Beach boy, Unbreakable Live To Tell as Narrator, Starla and the Jewel Riders as Archie, and Wildlife Connection as narrator.

The actor will portray the series' narrator in the upcoming television series Kalmar Nyckel: The Forgotten Journey.

Neil Darish

Neil Darish was the executive producer of the 2014 series Edge Of Alaska. He appeared as the show producer until its last season in 2017.

Neil returned to his regular life when the show ended. According to Neil's Facebook, he is currently working as an entrepreneur, directing operations at McCarthy Lodge and creating high-quality restaurants, retail stores, and hotel accommodations in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, America's largest national park.

Neil Darish was one of the executive producer of the series
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Moreover, he frequently shared posts and promoted different hotels and lodges from McCarthy by introducing various schemes and other promotional campaigns through his Facebook account. 

According to Travelalaska, Neil has been working as directing operator at McCarthy Lodge for over 20 years. He first visited McCarthy and Kennicott in the 1980s, and today, he, alongside his teammate, is operating notable hotels and lodges in the area.

Mark Wacht

Mark Wacht was one of the lead characters in the 2014 series. He has appeared in twenty-one episodes since its debut in 2014. 

According to Mark's Facebook profile, Mark is fond of the wilderness. He has bought a property where he built his small Blackburn cabin and ran a rental business located on the wagon road between McCarthy and Kennicott. 

Mark Wacht pictured with his wife Livvivi Lantry on January 6 2017
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Moreover, he tied in the knot with his partner, Livvivi Lantry, on September 6, 2018. The couple first met in 2013 when Livvi went to McCarthy to work as a zip line guide. Livvivi also helps Mark run the business, and they are living in the wilderness.

Jenny Rosenbaum

Jenny Rosenbaum was one of the prominent cast of Edge Of Alaska. She has appeared in 20 episodes of the series since 2014.

Jenney currently lives with her boyfriend Caleb and their five years old son Jasper in the Alaskan wilderness. She became closer to wildlife after she appeared in the show in 2014. 

Jenny Rosenbaum is running the first McCarthy retail cannabis shop since 2022
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Moreover, she worked as a women’s health advocate after the show. She usually updates her fans about her campaigns by posting several volunteer works on Facebook.

Jenny mentioned that she is running the first McCarthy retail cannabis shop 1/4 acre garden with a 21,000 square ft greenhouse. 

Gary Green

Gary Green was also one of the casts in the series Edge Of Alaska. He has appeared in 19 episodes of the series since 2014.

According to Facebook, Gary is one of McCarthy's longest-standing residents and is a lifeline for the remote town. Moreover, he is also known as a pilot, gold miner, and hunter.

Gary Green worked as an Alaskan Bush Pilot for McCarthy Airways
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In the last episode, where 22 residents were killed, the Alaskan Bush Pilot was the only resident alive. He worked as an Alaskan Bush Pilot for McCarthy Airways.

After the show, Gary operated Alaska's Flying Cowboy youtube channel, where he posts multiple videos of his plane flying through the Alaskan skies and capturing the state's landscapes.

Shaun Dooley

Shaun Dooley was one of the narrators of the series Edge Of Alaska. He has appeared in 18 episodes since its debut in 2014.

Shaun is a recognized actor who has played in many films and tv-series since the Edge Of Alaska in 2017. He is known for his character in the project, including The Woman In Black as Fisher, Malcolm McNair in The Awakening, Jon in Eden Lake, and John as Internal Security in Offical Secrets. 

Shaun Dooley is one of the narrators of the series Edge Of Alaska
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The actor was honored for his remarkable acting performance in the 2017 movie Blood Shed with the Festival Award and was nominated for three different awards in his career.

Shaun has three upcoming programs: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim, The Ghost of Harold Wilson, and Tyger.

Jeremy Keller

Jeremy Keller was one of the prominent cast of the series. He has appeared in 18 episodes of the series since its debut in 2014.

Jeremy lives peacefully in his home, 12 miles away from McCarthy, with his wife and two sons, Bjorn and Liam. He is 48 years old and ran Iditarod and then focused on farming and raising a family with his wife, Alison.

Jeremy Keller is one of the prominent character of the series
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The couple met in McCarthy, Alaska, and lived in those remote mountains for 20 years before moving back to Jeremy’s old home in Knik, where he first learned the craft of running dogs.

According to the All Roads Lead To, Jermey has committed more of his time to mush. In March 2020, he and his son Bjorn participated in the annual Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race, considered one of Alaska's most important sporting events. 

Tim Mischel

Tim Mischel was one of the characters of the series Edge Of Alaska. In 2015 during the show, he suffered from a heart attack.

According to a Facebook post, Tim is alive and well and has recovered.

Tim Mischel was one of the crucial characters of the series
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Tim was one of the oldest members who lived for more than 40 years in McCarthy and was nicknamed Old Man of the Mountain by other residents because he knew the mountain like the back of his hand.

Tim was thrilled to return to his town after a year of recovery and seemed as happy and healthy as ever.

Jason Lobo

Jason Lobo was one of the prominent cast of the series. Jason is known for his job as a bush pilot.

Jason, who flies light aircraft in and out of McCarthy, relocated there in search of a location of isolation. In October 2017, Jason was sound asleep in his cabin when the smell of smoke startled him.

He fled through the flames to flee the burning house; as he emerged from his bedroom to see that his entire cabin was on fire.

As per Gofoundme, one of Jason's friends Johnny McGrath from McCarthy started a funding campaign to rebuild Jason's cabin.