Where Is House Of Games Filmed?

House of Games upcoming episode will premier on January 17 2023
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House of Games was filmed in The Hospital Club BBC Scotland Street and Riverside Studios. The series premiered its episode on 17 January 2023.

The House of Games is a British Quiz television series that first aired on September 4, 2017, on the BBC network. The show is presented by Richard Osman and is played weekly, in which the winner is crowned based on their game played for five days a week. 

The show is produced by Stuart Harrison through the production company Remarkable Television, BBC Scotland, and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and has aired 510 episodes since its debut in 2017. Each episode has a run time of 29 minutes. 

House of Games is led by Richard Osman, Scarlett Moffatt, and Ivo Graham. The series is also nominated for two Bafta awards and RTS Television Award for the Daytime Remarkable Television series. According to IMDB, the series has received a good viewers rating of 7.8 out of 10 based on 759 viewers.

Where Was House Of Games Filmed?

House of Games was filmed in England and Scotland. The series used Hospital Club, BBC Scotland Street, and Riverside Studios for its filming.

Since the start, the series has picked various filming sites that considerably add to the calming ambiance that fits the series' setting and help to give the backdrop. The filming location was revealed on the Wikipedia page of the series. 

Jasmine Harman one of the contestant of the series season six episode 11
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According to IMDB, production companies such as Remarkable Television, BBC Scotland, and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are involved in the filming and production of the series.

The Hospital Club 

Hospital Club served as the first location for the series in 2017-18. The location was used to shoot 67 episodes in the series.

The show was first filmed in the hospital club because of its structure, roughly equivalent to that of Television Centre's TC2, which means it is well used for program production. 

After two successful show seasons, the director and producer decided to film at a different site because it lacked the ideal setting for the show's story. 

The venue also recorded the song by the rock band Radiohead in 2007 for the album In Rainbows and the 2008 live video In Rainbows – From the Basement.

BBC Scotland Street Studio 

The BBC Scotland Street Studio has served as the filming location of the series since 2019. The series' first episode of the third season was shot there.

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The show has chosen the venue because of its unique feature. According to the Studio's Wikipedia page, it is stated that the Studio is the home to the most significant TV recording space to be built in Scotland, with retractable stand seating for 320 audience members. 

The location has hosted numerous show episodes since its third season and continued until its seventh. The venue also hosts musical events and concerts from bands and singers like KT Tunstall, a Texas rock band, and The Fratellis rock band.

Riverside Studios

The Riverside Studios has been the series' filming location for two seasons, 2020-2021. The Studio was used to film several of the show's popular episodes, contributing to the series' growing popularity with viewers.

The show selected the site due to its positive public perception. Additionally, the Studio offers a good setting and facilities for the program's filming.

Riverside Studios served as the series filming location for two seasons 2020-2021
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The show has a long history and a legacy of many shows, including television productions, theater productions, dance productions, live comedy shows, and musical performances, since it started in 1933 as Riverside Film Studio, according to the show's Wikipedia page.