Mike The Situation Neck Brace Was A Fashion Statement

Mike Sorrentino with his gorgeous wife Lauren Pesce
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Mike The Situation neck brace made it to the show after he was injured on MTV Jersey Shore. It became a fashion statement as many fans like the look.

Jersey Shore is a television reality show networked by MTV for the first time on December 3, 2009. The show goes around eight people living under the same roof on vacation in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Mike Sorrentino has been part of the show since the beginning. He became a very well-known television personality since then. Mike got a new nickname called The Situation during his time inside the house.

He appeared in all six seasons of the TV reality show from 2009 to 2012. When the show brought out another franchise for the show, he did not miss the chance and returned to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. 

The Tv star is primarily known for his looks and ideal body shape. His calm attitude helps him stay surrounded by ladies most of the time.

Mike The Situation Neck Brace and Sunglasses Combo

Mike The Situation had to wear a Neck Brace when he got injured in Jersey Shore. His fans admired the look with his sunglasses.

The combination of the Brace with sunglasses was perfect for grabbing viewers' attention towards him. According to Pop Culture, he got injured while physically fighting with his co-star Ronnie Ortiz Magro.

Mike recreated the Neckbrace and Sunglasses Combo moment on Halloween 2020
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In the episode in Jersey Shore 2011, Sorrentino and Ortiz Magro fight. The Situation got injured in his head; however, the injury was not caused by Ortz since Mike started to hurt himself by slamming his head against a concrete wall.

After throwing down and punching furniture and other stuff in the room, he hit his head on the wall out of anger during the fight.

The star was immediately taken to the hospital after the incident, while the other one was excluded from the house, as per Daily Mail. The other housemates got scared and called an ambulance that rushed him for treatment.

After getting back on the show from the gauge, the moment of him sitting on the couch crying, wearing a brace and sunglasses, became a fashion statement somehow. 

This Brace and sunglasses combination started getting viral and became one of the most remembered and iconic moments in the history of Jersey Shore.

His Haircut Evolution

Mike is famous for his looks and hairstyle. The choice of his haircut keeps evolving with time and has gotten much better.

According to The Things, a haircut was not his priority before he was famous. He only began to care about his hair after meeting the Jersey Shore housemates.

By looking at the comparative picture, we can find the difference in his hairstyle before and after joining the Jersey Shore.

He used to have just an ordinary haircut before, but now he is more precise about his look and hair. He wears his hair in a way that is similar to the military's high and tight style.

Mike hair evolution Before and After Jersey Shore
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The main difference between the two styles is that he lets the top of his hair be curled and be a little longer, like in a high-top fade. 

The photo was taken for his high school yearbook, and looking at this, we know how his choice of haircut has changed. The style he carries now is way more appealing than before. 

Some gel is applied to his hair to give it a wet look so that the hair stands straight up. He makes these spikes by twisting and pulling the hair up from the head. The short hairstyle is well-liked and popular among his fans.