Rozlyn Papa Bachelor Now With Her Son After The Show

Rozlyn is one of the contestant of the tv series Bachelor
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Rozlyn Papa from Bachelor now resides in Richmond, Virginia. Rozlyn works as marketing director in Fountainhead Real Estate Services.

The Bachelor is an American drama, Game-Show, and Romance series that first aired on the ABC network on March 25, 2002. Chris Harrison, Emmanuel Acho, and Jesse Palmer present the series. 

The series is about a single bachelor guy who dates multiple women over several weeks and eliminates them per their preferences in the hope of finding true love.

According to IMDB, it has completed 26 seasons with 287 episodes since its debut in 2002. The series is set to premiere its new episode on January 23, 2023. The series episode has a runtime of one hour.

The series is led by Chris Harrison, Brad Womack, and Sean Lowe. The series is produced by AND Syndicated, Productions Greenlight, and FilmsNext Entertainment.

Where Is Rozlyn Papa From Bachelor Now?

Rozlyn Papa from the Bachelor works as Marketing Director at Fountainhead Real Estate Services. Rozlyn was one of the contestants of the Bachelor series.

Rozlyn, during her work in Bachelor, was accused of having a relationship with the show's producer Ryan Callahan. In contrast, Rozlyn confessed that she and Ryan have a good relationship as a friend. 

According to the article posted by the People and NYPOST, Rozlyn and Ryan were fired from the show after being found in an awkward scene by other contestants.

After the show kicked her in 2011, she has presented herself in different professions, including the television industry, Marketing, and Freelancer editor. Moreover, she is also the single mother of a young son. 

Rozlyn pictured with her son at a Virginia Tech game in 2021
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According to Rozlyn's Linkedin profile, she has worked for multiple organizations from different fields. Firstly she worked as an Entertainment News reporter for Entertainment Tonight for one year. 

She also has experience working as a Public Relations manager at, News Correspondent at E! News, Marketing and Public Relations officer at Wild Hearts, Freelance Editor, and Marketing and Leasing officer at CoreRva. 

Moreover, according to her IMDB, she has worked as an actress in multiple Tv series and short movies. She is recognized for her character in the program, including Dawn in Piranha 3DD, Rozlyn in Bachelors, and Nikki in Playing 

She has a prosperous professional career and a strong educational background. Rozlyn graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor's degree in English language and literature/letters.

Ryan Callahan Was A Producer In The Bachelor

Ryan Callahan works as the lead writer of WWE SmackDown at WWE. He also worked as the producer of the tv series Bachelor for four years. 

According to his Linkedin profile, Ryan is a producer, writer, editor, and director who has worked and been involved in multiple organizations. Ryan is currently working as a Lead Writer in WWE SmackDown. 

He was fired from WWE in 2019 due to his conflict with Indian-American writer Dave Kapoor, popularly known by his ring name Ranjin Singh. WWE rehired him since they realized they had missed having him as a lead writer on the show in 2020.

Ryan is a lead writer in  WWE SmackDown
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In addition to the WWE, he has also worked as a producer in Next Entertainment, True Entertainment, and FanPrint and Writer/Director in ITV Studios, Leftfield Pictures, Dallas Comedy House, and IKA Collective.