Where Is Upper Middle Bogan Filmed?

Upper Middle Logan is an Australian television comedy series
Upper Middle Logan is an Australian television comedy series( Source : instagram )

Upper Middle Bogan is filmed in Brighton and Calder Raceway in Australia. The show aired on 15 August 2013.

Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope created the show. It is directed by Hope himself and Tony Martin. Three seasons of the show are successfully presented on Channel ABC, having 24 episodes of the series altogether. 

After the massive success of the show's first season, the second season started its screening on 16 October 2014, followed by the next season that premiered in 2016. Each season carried out eight episodes of 26 to 28 minutes of runtime. 

The show's primary characters are Bess Denyar, Margaret Denyar, Danny Bright, Wayne Wheeler, Julie Wheeler, Shawn Van Winkle, Amber Wheeler, and many more. Any official announcement for the other seasons has not been made. The two seasons of the show are available on Netflix.

Where Is Upper Middle Bogan Filmed?

Upper Middle Bogan is a comedy filmed in Australia's Melbourne Brighton and Calder Raceway. Upper Middle Bogan first aired in 2011.

Three different locations have been used in the filming of the series. They worked on shooting the movie on and off for about five years since the first season of the series was released in 2011, and the rest followed till 2016. 

Since the story follows two families, two different sets and props are used to shoot two other houses inside Melbourn city in Australia. Most driving scenes throughout the series have been shot from Gisborne, Victoria.

Brighton East

The wealthy bayside suburb is an appropriate location for the ABC comedy. This location at Summerhill road in Brighton East is used as the residence of Margaret Denyar.

The show has to illustrate a doctor living in the eastern suburbs, which was made possible by using the exact setting.

Margaret Denyar's house located in Brighton East
Margaret Denyar's house located in Brighton East ( Source : instagram )

Both the interior and exterior scenes of the place have been used in the making of the series. According to Wikipedia, the house used was sold on May 24, 2014, for $1905,000. 

Keilor Downs

Wheeler's house located in Keilor Downs, Victoria, Australia
Wheeler's house located in Keilor Downs, Victoria, Australia ( Source : instagram )

The house used to show as a Mansion of the Wheeler family is located northwest of Melbourne, Keilor Downs, Victoria, Australia. Doctor Bess's biological parents live in the outer suburb of the town. This is confirmed when we compare the show's opening scenes with Google Maps' view of the earth. 

Calder Raceway

Wheeler power couple on the Calder Raceway
Wheeler power couple on the Calder Raceway ( Source : instagram )

The Wheelers couple, the real parents of the central character, are professional dragsters. The racing scenes were shot in The Calder Raceway. The couple finds out about their lost girl while on the race, so this scene holds a huge significance.

Upper Middle Bogan Plot Synopsis

Upper Middle Boger is a story of two different families connected by blood. The families were thrilled to find out about the relationship.

Two households living at opposite ends suddenly discover the most significant truth of their lives. Bess Denyar is a doctor who lives a happy life with her family and mother in the inner suburb of Melbourne.

Best way to spend weekend nights binge watching the Upper Middle Bogan
Best way to spend weekend nights binge watching the Upper Middle Bogan ( Source : instagram )

Her husband, Danny is an architect, and the couple has 13 years old twins daughters named Oscar and Edwin. After spending half her life, Bess discovers she is an adopted child.

The parents she thought to be real were suddenly turned into strangers. She learned about this when her mother Margaret was taken to the hospital for high blood sugar levels. 

Bess learns about her birth parents, Wayne and Julie Wheeler, and she also has three biological siblings, Amber, Kayne, and Brianna. Wheeler's head up a drag racing in the outer suburb and are thrilled to discover the daughter they have lost.

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