Who Plays Vince Casey In The Archers?

Tony has been narrating  the character Vince Casey since 2020
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Tony Turner plays the character Vince Casey in the radio series The Archers. Tony started narrating the character Vince Casey in 2020

The Archers is a British radio drama series aired on 1 January 1950 on BBC home service. The series was created by Godfrey Baseley and produced by Julie Beckett in 2017. The show is the longest-running radio show, with 19,894 episodes as of 30 December 2022. 

The show was introduced to educate the farmers after the second world war. In contrast, the show gradually became popular and attracted many listeners as a significant source of entertainment in 1953, with nine million listeners.

The series is led by known actors, including June Spencer as Peggy Woolley, Jill Archer as Patricia Greene, Angela Piper as Jennifer Aldridge, and Judy Bennett as Shula Hebden-Lloyd. 

Who Plays Vince Casey In The Archers?

Tony Turner plays Vince Casey in the radio drama The Archers. He plays the role of a businessman who runs an abattoir business. 

According to BBC, Vince is currently in a relationship with Elizabeth Pargetter, played by Allison Dowling in the series. The pair first met at the bar and have had a good connection. Vince and Elizabeth are parents of their children and have been married once during their careers.

The Archers is one of the longest running radio series in British history
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In the series, Vince is upset with Ben archer as he has created a misunderstanding between Beth Casey, his former partner, and Chelsea's using a past issue. As a result, Vince physically harms Ben and upsets Beth and Elizabeth. 

As the story progresses, we can see Vince is looking forward to building a good relationship with the archer dynasty by lending David money to reconstruct Brookfield. However, due to this latest feud, he withdrew that money to take revenge on the archer dynasty.

Meet The Actor

Tony is an actor who has played the character of Vince Casey in the series Archers since 2020. He began his television career in 1963.

Following his debut in the 1963 Z Cars as McEvoy, Tony has starred in over 40 TV series and movies. The actor is known for his character in television programs, including Graham Sullivan in Party Animals, Adrian Osler in New Tricks, ARP Warden Perkins in Foyle's War, and Ron Woods in Maxwell. 

Tony Turner narrated three character  in the series Coronation Street
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According to Wiki-Fandom, Tony has worked as an acting and voice teacher at the University of New England and the University of Southern Queensland.

Moreover, he served as voice and speech training director at the Mountview Theatre School in London and the Walt Disney Productions London department manager. The actor is also the author of famous songs like Voice for Teachers" and "The Dialect Magician.