Singer Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Parents Raised Her With Strong Musical Influence

Gabriella pictured with her family at the young age
Gabriella pictured with her family at the young age( Source : gadgetswright )

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson was born to parents Agnes Wilson and Kenny Wilson. Gabriella Sarmiento grew up in Vallejo, California United States.

Gabriella is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who is professionally known as H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) has won many awards in her career so far, which includes Academy Award, a Children's and Family Emmy Award,

She was also nominated for five Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, three American Music Awards, and four Billboard Music Awards.

The singer debuted her musical career in 2011 at the age of 14. She signed a record deal with Sony's R.C.A. Records via J Records. 

In late 2016 with a new persona, Wilson released her debut E.P., H.E.R. Vol. 1, on September 9, 2016, produced by songwriter David "Swagg R'Celious" Harris.

She has also presented herself in the movie Yes Day (2021) and performed her original song "Change" on the episode "Active Citizenship" of the 2021 Netflix educational animated series We the People.

Meet Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson Parents

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson parents, mother Agnes Wilson and father Kenny Wilson supported her passion in music. Her younger sister Alex Wilson is also planning to step into the music industry. 

Agnes and Kenny have two children, and both of their children are doing well in their respective careers. 

The pair raised their daughters in Vallejo, California, in a modest lifestyle. Agnes works as a nurse in San Francisco’s bay area, while her husband Kenny has worked as a construction worker.

Gabriella's father is also passionate about music and practices it on weekends, and he was also a member of a cover band named Urban Bushmen.

Agnes Is A Nurse By Profession 

Gabriella's mother Agnes works as a nurse for people in rehabilitation. She is currently working in Vallejo, San Francisco. 

She grew up in Nueva Ecija, a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region, and later migrated to Vallejo, United States, with her family. She studied at Vallejo High School and later at Napa Valley College, where Agnes completed her medical studies. 

Gabriella with her mother in 2021 Oscars award ceremony
Gabriella with her mother in 2021 Oscars award ceremony( Source : nestia )

As a nurse during the pandemic in 2020, Agnes was an active medical staff doing her duty by helping needy people who suffered from Covid 19 and starting an awareness campaign regarding the disease. 

Kenny Wilson Encouraged His Daughter Gabriella In Her Music Career

Kenny worked as a construction worker when Gabriella was a child. She proudly credits her father for her career success. 

She revealed when she was growing up in the Bay Area, her father, who was then a construction worker and made some music on the weekends. Agnes’ husband at the time was a member of a cover band named Urban Bushmen.

Gabriella and her father Kenny in an interview with Ebony Entertainment
Gabriella and her father Kenny in an interview with Ebony Entertainment ( Source : ebony )

Because of Ken, his daughter had the opportunity to become familiar with all sorts of instruments as her father’s bandmates used to rehearse in their living room.

Ken later taught his daughter Gabi to play the blues pentatonic scale. He was also the one who bought Gabi her first Fender guitar.

The Wilson Family Has Four Members

Gabriella's family consists of four members, including her younger sister Alex. She has a close relationship with her family members. 

She invites her parents to every award presentation, and they enjoy attending these events with her.

Regarding her ethnicity, Gabriella made it known to the public that she has Filipino blood from her mother's side and is proud of it. 

Once she revealed that she comes from two different cultures, she feels like taking from them. The Soul Train winner says that because her mother is from the Philippines and her father is from down South, she has a beautiful life experience.

She has a close relationship with her mother, Agnes, as she attended the 2021 Oscars ceremony with her. With their best attire for the occasion on display, the pair strutted boldly down the red carpet.