Jesse Itzler, Sara Blakely's husband, Family And Net Worth - 5 Fast Facts

October 5, 2022 02:00 AM

The co-founder of Marquis Jet and an owner of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, Jesse Itzler ( Source : squarespace-cdn )

Jesse Itzler is an American entrepreneur, author, rapper, and co-founder of Marquis Jet.

Behind his huge success, his multitalented abilities and investment in companies like Zico Coconut Water, the founder of The 100 Mile Group.

He was the son of Daniel Itzler, an investor and the Roslyn Board of Education president.

Itzler earned his bachelor's degree from American University in 1990 and later acquired a degree in justice, law, and society.

As he is passionate about endurance challenges, he completed an Ultraman at 53, the same year he sold his endurance hiking company.

Jesse was a rapper on MTV (1991) at the start of his career, which is unlikely for any entrepreneur or business tycoon.

Nevertheless, he signed a record deal and became the manager of the greatest hip hop band, Run-DMC. 

Some Quick Facts about Jesse Itzler

NameJesse Itzler
WifeSara Blakely
ChildrenLazer Blakely Itzler
Date Of BirthAugust 22, 1968
Age54 Years
Birth PlaceRoslyn, New York, United States
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Author, Rapper

Sara Blakely Career

Sara Blakely is an American businesswoman and the founder of Spanx
Sara Blakely is an American businesswoman and the founder of Spanx ( Source : instagram )

Sara Blakely is an American businesswoman and philanthropist who is the founder of Spanx.

Sara was named in Time Magazine's "Time 100" annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2014, as she was in the list of the 93rd most powerful women.

Although she was passionate about being a lawyer, she scored very low on the Law School Admission Test, which was, so she instead accepted the job at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communications from Florida State University.

For seven years, Blakely knocked on doors selling fax machines; by that time, she learned that people fall into one or two of four categories: socializers, relaters, directors, and thinkers.

Her struggling chain broke in 2000 when Oprah Winfrey featured Sara's apparel company, Spanx, on her nationally popular television talk show.

She has no experience in fashion, retail, or business leadership. Still, Sara founded the company, which sells undergarments, swimwear, and maternity wear, with her idea of creating a new business world.

Sara has also started "Spanx By Sara Blakely Foundation " to empower women.

Jesse Itzler Career And Net Worth

Jesse Itzler is a Motivational + Keynote Speaker
Jesse Itzler is a Motivational + Keynote Speaker ( Source : wpcdn )

After graduation from American University, Jesse signed with the delicious Vinyl record as a Songwriter.

His first release song, "College Girls," didn't get much admiration and wasn't ranked on the Billboard Hot Hundred chart.

Itzler wrote and sang "I Love This Game," which did win Emmy Award.

His presence in Music Industry helps him to develop excellent relationships with the likes of Jay-z and others. 

When his music career ended, he co-founded a record company known for mixing classic arena songs with highlights of historical play-by-play calls.

In Itzler's career, 2001 is supposed to be the most significant breakthrough ever because he co-founded the most extensive private jet card companies in the World.

He was the company's vice president until it was acquired by the parent company of NetJets called Berkshire Hathaway. 

Well, it seems that wasn't enough for Jesse; in 2009, he created the 100-mile group, a brand incubator, and accelerator.

The partnership was announced with Zico Coconut and Coca-Cola and later acquired by it due to an undisclosed sum.

The books (Living with the seal, 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet) written by Itzler became the New York Times Best Seller and got the first rank in the LA Times book list.

Net Worth

Jesse's estimated Net worth is $200 million having a muti-profession.

He is a Musician, Author, Entrepreneur, and Businessman and invests in film productions. He Co-founded Alphabet City Sports Records, Sheets Energy Strips, and Marquis Jet.

He is also an owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA Team and has written several books like Living with the Seal, Living with the Monks, and Way of the Iceman.

We analyze Itzler's life; he isn't a one-job type, delivering his enthusiasm.

Jesse Itzler And Sara Blakely Children

The first meeting of Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakely was at the Net Jet Annual Las Vegas Poker Tournament in 2006. 

One of Sara's sales representatives seated her with Jesse at the main table. According to Atlanta Weddings, the similarity in lack of knowledge of poker bonded the pair, as their friendship ripe.

Itzler was intrigued by the announcement of Blakey's early bed schedule in Las Vegas, which was enough to hold Jesse's attention.

According to Insider, Itzler and Blakely began to email back and forth for seven months. Ultimately they started to date.

After a year, Itzler Kicked off his proposal in their residence outside the NewYork city. Eventually, they got hitched in 2008 at Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande, Florida.

Jesse Itzler, Sara Blakely, Charlie, Lazer, Lincoln and Tepper Itzler
Jesse Itzler, Sara Blakely, Charlie, Lazer, Lincoln and Tepper Itzler ( Source : southmag )

Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakely have four children in total. The elder son's name is Lazer Blake, born in 2009. Just after five years, they had twin sons, Charlie and Lincoln, in 2014.

At last, in 2016, they had a baby girl Tepper, just what they needed after three sons.

Five Fast Facts on Jesse Itzler

1. Jesse Itzler can Sing/Write Songs.

Jesse started his career by directing a song and also sang several other pieces. He had won an Emmy award singing "I Love This Song." As we know, he also started the record for mixed classic songs.

His song, named New York Knicks' theme song, "Go NY Go, " became a fan favorite. He established a great relationship with Jay-Z and other great musicians during his music career.

He was a music composer as well and has worked with many artists.

2. Itzler is an Author

As we know, Jess is the man of many hats. He has written several books about his different experiences. His Living with the Seal has become a New York Best Seller.

Similarly, he has also written the book Living with the Monk. Besides these two books, he also wrote the way of the Iceman and The Influencer Code.

These books are his lifetime achievement because it is the Living proof of his experience. In the coming years, he will be publishing more books.

3. He doesn't know how to play poker.

Jesse is a multi-talented person who has contributed to many fields. But if there is something Jesse doesn't know is how to play poker.

He first met with Sara Blakely at the poker table in the Net Jet Annual poker tournament. Lack of poker knowledge is the reason they are together now. 

Even Sara doesn't know how to play poker. This determines that the couple's match was made in heaven. Now, they are spending a happy life with four children altogether.

4. A couple had a wedding Written, "Bring It."

When the pairs were dating, Itzler used to say, " I could marry you," and she would reply, "Bring it." Eventually, when they married, Itzler brought the ring written Bring It on the call.

Isn't that the most romantic story we have ever heard?

They got married in 2008 and doing well together. It's been 14 years since they married, and we are still talking about them. It proves they are the trending topic now and then.

5. Itzler Trained with Seal Navy

Itzler has been involved in many works, both mentally and physically. He has run a marathon of 52.4 miles and trained with Seal Navy living with him.

He has also mentioned all the training experiences in his book. As we discussed, his book is named "Living With The Seal."

Itzler is physically able to run and work out due to regular exercise. His relationship with many artists and famous personalities are why he fits.

Some FAQs

What age did Sara Blakely get married?

At 37, she married her husband Jesse Itzler.

When did Sarah Blakely have kids?

In June 2014, Blakely gave birth to twin boys, Charlie and Lincoln.

When was Jesse Itzler born?

Jesse Itzler was born on August 22, 1968