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Who Is Joe Scarborough's Daughter Katherine Clark Scarborough?

Joe Scarborough is an American TV host and a former politician
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Famous politician Joe Scarborough is a father of four; he has a daughter named Katherine Clark Scarborough who is the only girl child among his four kids. 

Joe Scarborough is best known as an American television host and political commentator. Moreover, he is a former attorney and politician. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1991 and worked as an attorney in Pensacola. Among his cases, the most high-profile case was his brief representation of Michael F. Griffin, who murdered Dr. David Gunn in 1993. He appeared in court multiple times as Griffin's attorney before withdrawing from the case.

He then stepped into politics when he won the Republican Party primary for Florida's 1st congressional district in 1994. His tenure as a congressional representative of the 1st district of Florida was from January 3, 1995, to September 5, 2001. Scarborough beat the Democratic candidate, Pensacola attorney Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs Jr., with 61 percent of the vote in the general election.

Joe was re-elected in 1996 with 72 percent of the vote. In 1998 and 2000, he was only opposed by write-in candidates. As a congressman, Scarborough has served on various committees. He declared his intention to resign in May 2001, five months into his fourth term in Congress, to spend more time with his children. Joe became an independent in 2017 after being a loyal Republican for nearly two decades. The media focused largely on his controversial opinion of President Donald Trump's administration.

After his resignation, he went on to host television shows. In April 2003, he embarked upon a television career with the launch of Scarborough Country on MSNBC. Eventually, in May 2007, he began hosting Morning Joe with his third wife, Mika Brzezinski. Time, The New York Times, USA Weekend, the Associated Press, and the San Francisco Chronicle, are some of the journals that have complimented the show and Scarborough's hosting abilities. 

Along with being a TV host, lawyer, and politician, Joe is also an author. He released his first book named "Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day: The Real Deal on How Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Other Washington Barbarians are Bankrupting America" on October 4, 2005. He released his second book on June 9, 2009, titled The Last Best Hope.

Additionally, Scarborough went to release his third The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics and Can Again (2013), and his fourth book titled Saving Freedom: Truman, the Cold War, and the Fight for Western Civilization (2020).

The politician has been married three times and has four children: two boys from his first marriage and two more (a boy and a girl) from his second marriage. He has an only daughter named Katherine Clark Scarborough. Let's get to know her better. 

Katherine Clark Scarborough Family

Katherine is the firstborn child and only daughter of Susan Waren and Joe Scarborough. However, her parents are not together anymore and she spends most of her time with her mother. Her mother, Susan, is an American Philanthropist, a former assistant to Florida governor Jeb Bush and also a former congressional committee staffer.


Susan is well known for her charitable work that was focused mainly on the Sherwood Foundation, formerly known as Susan A. Buffett Foundation. She was blessed with two children with her ex-husband, Joe. Katherine grew up with a younger brother named Jack Scarborough who was born in May 2008. It is evident that she loves her brother, and the siblings have a great bonding.

Clark has two stepbrothers from his father's first marriage to Melanie Hinton. They were married in 1986 and divorced in 1999. Her stepbrothers are named  Joey Scarborough and Andrew Scarborough. She has a strong relationship with her family including her stepmother and stepbrothers. 

Katherine Clark Scarborough's Net Worth

The nineteen-year-old Katherine does not have a specified job as she recently graduated from high school. However, she is a singer and has released several songs and albums which are available on Soundcloud and Spotify. Thus, with that, she must have made a little money as she has received good reviews from her listeners.

She is an aspiring singer with great skills and if she is planning on pursuing her career as a singer, she will earn more in the coming years with the release of her new songs and albums. However, as of now, she is living with her mother and all her education fees are supported by her parents. Talking about her father's net worth, Joe has a net worth of $25 million with a salary of $8 million every year. 

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Who Is Joe Scarborough Daughter Katherine Clark Scarborough?

Katherine Clark Scarborough was born on August 8, 2003. She is the daughter of Joe Scarborough and his former wife, Susan Waren. Joe and Susan exchanged their wedding vows in 2001 and after twelve years into their relationship, they decided to end their marriage in January 2013. 

She is the eldest daughter of the couple. Katherine recently graduated from high school in May 2022 located in Palm Beach Florida named The Benjamin School which is a private school. She has not yet announced her decision on college. 


Katherine is an aspired singer and at the age of nineteen, she has already released several singles and albums. She has made some of her tracks available on Soundcloud and Spotify. With her songs, she has received positive reviews from the listeners. With such reviews, she might become a successful singer in the coming days. 

Furthermore, Kate released her debut EP titled Handle With Care on April 10, 2020, and, judging by the rate at which she is progressing, she is on track to become a successful singer in the near future. She released her first single in 2019 named Rinnin'. 

Apart from her studies, Joe's daughter, Kate, owns a thrift business named Good Thrift Co. Her secondhand shop is all about giving back to the community as the money made from the business is dedicated to charity. The business sells reasonably priced clothing. She has posted multiple images of the goods on the store's Instagram account. 

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Does Katherine Clark Scarborough Have A Boyfriend?

Katherine appears to be in a relationship with a boyfriend named Luca Janus. The pair have not announced their relationship to the public as they have posted a few pictures together without a denotation of them being in a relationship.


According to Luca's Instagram posts, he posted a picture in August 2020 which means they have been together for a year. However, they have not specified their relationship status. And, judging by their posts they seem to be dating.

Katherine posted for the first time with Luca in her graduation post. On the other hand, Luca had already posted a picture with her in 2020. 

The pair attended the same high school called The Benjamin School, where they might have fallen in love. The pair look adorable together. Although they have not made their relationship status public, they are dating and do not want to make their love life public.