Meet The Cast Of Hallmark Movie The Wedding Veil Inspiration

The movie will be aired on 14 January 2023
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The Wedding Veil Inspiration Hallmark cast includes Autumn Reeser, Lacey Chabert and Alison Sweeney. The movie was filmed mostly in Canada with some parts in Greece.

The movie is directed by Terry Ingram, known for his work in the blockbuster film and Tv series, including Harold & Kumar, Go to White Castle, R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, Blizzard, and Odyssey 5. 

The film falls under romance and comedy and will be released on January 14, 2023, in the United States through Hallmark Network. It is written by Judith Berg, Sandra Berg, and Lori Wilde.

The movie's story is inspired by the novel "There Goes The Bride" written by Lory Wilde in 2007. On January 6, 2023, the movie released its trailer on Youtube through Hallmark Channel.

The Wedding Veil Inspiration Cast

The Wedding Veil Inspiration cast is led by Paolo Bernardini, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser. The film will be released on 14 January 2023. 

Autumn Reeser As Emma Lowell

Autumn Reeser is an American actress who plays the character of Emma Lowell. She plays the role of the professor who is transferred to the new department in the movie. 

Autumn was born on September 21, 1980, in La Jolla, California, USA, to his parents Kim and Tom Reeser.

Autumn Reeser narrated the character Emma Lowell in the movie
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The actress began her journey in the television industry in 2000 with the movie Into The Void. 

Following the release of her debut film in 2000, the actress starred as Emma Lowell in The Wedding Veil, Taylor Townsend in The O.C., Lizzie Grant in Entourage, and Passenger With The Baby in Sully.

Paolo Bernardini As Paolo Listetto

Paolo Bernardini is a Belgium-born Italian actor who plays Paolo Listetto in the movie. He plays the role of Emma Lowell's boyfriend, who will marry her in the film.

Paolo Bernardini narrated the character  Paolo Listetto in the movie
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The actor began his journey in 2007 with the movie Notte Prima Degli Esami - Oggi and narrated the character Amico Azzurra. 

Following 2007, the actor appeared in the project All The Money In The World as Police Tech Officer Fabio in Bubbly, Alex Malvesi in Lost And Found In Rome and Noi Due in Andrea. 

Lacey Chabert As Avery Morission 

Lacey is one of the lead actresses who narrated the character Avery Morission in the movie. She played the role of Emma's best friend in the film, who is happy about her marriage.

Lacey Chabert narrated the character Avery Morission in the movie
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Lacey is a multitalented actress, writer, and producer. She was born on September 30, 1982, in Purvis, Mississippi, USA. She began her career with the movie A little Piece of Heaven in 1991 as Princess Hazal. 

Following her first movie in 1991, she has appeared in more than 160 projects in her career. She is also honored with Seven different awards for her remarkable acting performances. 

Alison Sweeney As Tracy Goodwyn

Alison Sweeney plays the character Tracy in the movie. She played the role of one of Emma's best friend in the film. 

Alison is an actor, director, and producer born on September 19, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Alison Sweeney narrated the character Tracy Goodwyn in the movie
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The actress began her journey in 1984 with the TV series Simon&Simon. 

Alison has appeared in more than 30 projects as an actor, Ten as a producer, and three as a director. She is also honored with ten awards and twelve nominations for her remarkable acting and direction. 

Where Was The Wedding Veil Inspiration Filmed?

The Wedding Veil Inspiration was filmed mostly in Canada with some parts of the trilogy in Greece. The movie has its premiere on 14 January 2023.

The filming location was revealed by Lacey Chabert, one of the lead actresses in the movie, on her Instagram account. She made a post with Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney on December 5, 2022, with the caption together again and #theweddingveil #greece. 

The movie was filmed in Rhodes Greece
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The film was filmed in renowned locations, including Rhodes, one of the largest Dodecanese islands in Greece, where the actresses were seen. 

Many well-known films, including El Greco, Swing Away, The Guns of Navarone, Escape to Athena, and Boy on a Dolphin were filmed in Rhodes.

When And Where To Watch The Wedding Veil Inspiration?

The Wedding Veil Inspiration has its premiere on 14 January 2023. The movie will be available on Hallmark Channel.

The movie has a run time of 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Trailer Breakdown

At the trailer's beginning, the three actresses, Autumn, Alison, and Lacey, introduced themself and revealed their reunion in the movie.

The teaser demonstrates how Emma and Paolo balance their personal and professional lives. In contrast, Emma had many difficulties maintaining her relationship with Paolo.

The lead actresses pictured on Rhodes Greece while filming the movie
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Emma is also shown as the best friend of Alison Sweeney and Lacey Chabert, who frequently shares her problem with them. In the end trailer, Alison Sweeney and Lacey

As shown in the trailer, Chabert is clapping and happy about Paolo and Emma's marriage.