How To Watch Avatar The Way Of Water In Canada?

The lead characters Neytiri and Jake in the 2009
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Avatar The Way Of Water is available to watch in the theatre in Canada. It is coming out this week and has its worldwide release this coming Friday.

It is a sequel to the 2009 James Cameron movie, Avatar. Avatar had become the highest-grossing movie of all time at the box office and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not able to top its record.

After a decade-long wait, 13 years to be precise, James Cameron who is one of the most innovative filmmakers of this era is back with the sequel to the first movie.

As captivating and action-packed as the science fiction movie is Cameron has not strayed too far from his original goal of focusing on familial ties, this time around as well.

The movie follows Jake and Neytiri as they build a family together in Pandora and simultaneously fight to protect themselves from encroachment.

Where To Watch Avatar The Way Of Water In Canada?

The much-awaited Avatar The Way Of Water can be watched on theatres in Canada. It is releasing on December 16, worldwide, including Canada.

Avatar: The Way of Water made its world premiere on December 6, 2022, 10 days before its worldwide release. The title of the film was made officially public way back during Cinema Con 2022.

The tickets are now available for booking in theatres all across the country. Those who want to gain the theatrical experience of the movie are all set to go to their nearest movie theaters. 

The sequel to the 2009 James Cameron movie introduces new clan of reef dwellers 13 years later
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The wait for the movie has been so long that people are really eager to see what Cameron has brought forward this time. Although, following, its premiere in Britain, it is hinted to be a critically acclaimed movie.

Surely, the movie is set for its theatrical release soon but for those who prefer to stream it at home, it means they have to wait a little longer. The movie will hit various streaming services as Disney, still has temporary contracts in place with Warner Bros and others.

If you prefer to experience the movie at your home and not in the theatres, the film will stream on Disney+ Canada, once it marks the end of its theatrical release.

Is It The Same In Australia And UK?

The film is releasing a day earlier in Australia than in UK, USA, and Canada. The movie will be released worldwide this week.

Australia will mark the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water on 15 December 2022, while it will be released on 16 December in the UK. Nonetheless, the tickets are starting to be available everywhere, but they are getting sold out just as fast. 

Regarding the streaming services for the movie, it is pretty much the same, no matter which time zone or country you are in.

Will Avatar The Way Of Water Stream On Netflix?

Avatar The Way Of Water will be streaming on Disney Plus after its official theatrical release. Disney+ is the only streaming service that will carry the movie.

The Avatar Franchise is owned by Disney and the prequel is also only available for streaming on Disney Plus, But given the fan base of the movie, if Disney decides on letting Netflix stream it, the viewers will certainly not be disappointed.

Once the theatrical release of the movie ends, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+ are sure to feature this installment of the cinematic paragon. This statement is not backed up officially but as the company has mutual deals with these above-mentioned platforms, viewers can rely on them to stream the long-awaited film.

Following its release in theatres, those who will be waiting for it to stream online might have to wait 45-50 days before the movie becomes available on these giant streaming platforms. 

Footage from Avatar 2 was screened at Cinema Con that showed various regions of Pandora.
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Since Netflix will most likely not feature the movie, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney+ are the best go-to options at the moment.

For those who want to be ready when the film hits these streaming services, pricing for Hulu starts at $6.99 per month and its annual plan costs $69.99. Similarly, Disney+ charges $7.99 per month and HBO Max costs $14.99 per month only.

Although Netflix does not feature Cameron’s directorial, the streaming channel surely provides a large catalog of films and TV series. It also has Avatar The Last Air Bender series on its list, but only its name coincides with the James Cameron movie.

It will also be available on Amazon Prime video, but it will only be for renting or buying and not streaming.