Aruna Miller And Husband David Miller Are Raising Three Kids In Maryland

Aruna called David
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Aruna Miller husband David Miller went to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Aruna shares three daughters with him.

Miller has been working as a tenth lieutenant governor of Maryland since January 18, 2023. Before entering politics, she worked for the local government as a transportation engineer in California, Virginia, and Hawaii.

Miller also looks after programs that advance access to school, office, and community facilities that are safer for everyone, including people with various abilities. 

After retiring in 2015, she shifted her full focus to the Maryland Legislature. In 2015 she served as a Vice-chair of the In-House Appropriations Transportation and Environment Subcommittee. 

Aruna won a Straw Poll of Democratic activists in Western Maryland in 2018. She was also named the new executive director of Indian American impact in 2019.

In 2023 she won the lieutenant governor position and took Bhagavad Gita to an oath of office to sworn. 

Aruna Miller And David Miller Married Life

Aruna and David have known each other since 1990. Aruna married her college sweetheart in Maryland.

He is very supportive of his wife's political career, and they are always together at any event. Recently they are seen together with Joe's Movement Emporium and The Arc of Prince George County.

Aruna and Miller going to Independence Day protests in 2020.
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They played music and were seen playing with Drums with David and shared on her Facebook.

He is seen in every election companion supporting Aruna and seen together in every program after winning the election.

Aruna also shared with NBC News that in 2010 she was offered to run the Maryland House of Delegates; at that time, she was working as an engineer. She discussed with David whether to accept it or not and was not interested in being referred to as a politician.

David reminds her that she loves helping people to take politics out of it and serving as a public servant. He played a big role in her pursuing a political career.

David is an Army Veteran and former nonprofit executive. David is a very private person, as he has not posted anything on his Instagram.

Aruna Miller Is Mother To Three Daughters

Aruna Miller has three daughters Meena, Chloe, and Sasha. Aruna referred to them as her greatest supporter.

Recently all of Aruna's three kids gave a beautiful speech outside the state house after their mother won the election. 

Aruna with her daughters Meena, Chloe and Sasha, spouse David and son in law.
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As per Baltimore Sun, her daughter Chloe referred to her mother as a "force to be reckoned with," and Meena referred to her as a "hero."

And her youngest daughter Sasha also shared that her mother's simple philosophy "says yes to opportunity when the universe presents you."

After that, Aruna also said that she was proud of her children for becoming robust, intelligent, and beautiful souls. 

Aruna's Parents Immigrant To The US When She Was Seven

Aruna was born in Andhra Pradesh, and her family came to the USA when she was seven years old. She is one of three children and followed in her father's footsteps and became an engineer.

Before shifting to Maryland, they lived in New York, where she attended public school in Upstate New York. Aruna lost her father in 1999 and described him as the first feminist she had ever known.

 Miller with her mother and family celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020.
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Miller also shared with NBC News that her father encouraged her and her sister to do whatever a guy could. 

She further shared that he would be very proud of her and to know that he made the right decision for the entire family by moving to America.

In an Instagram post, Miller also shares that her mother has been living with her for 18 years she feels very lucky. She also said that waking up to her mother is the best way to start their day.