Ted Budd First Met Wife Amy Kate Budd At A Mission Trip In 1991

Conservative Tedd Budd with his wife Amy Kate Budd
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Ted Budd and his wife Amy Kate Budd are married since 1994. The couple is living a happy life with their three kids in Davie County North Carolina.

Theodore Paul Budd is a man with a strong belief to protect conservative values. He is a businessman and a politician who has the courage to fight against the wrong no matter how powerful is the opposition. 

Being a conservative fighter he has been a great hope to the people of North Carolinians. Former US President Donald J. Trump has firmly established Ted Budd as the next Senator from North Carolina. Prior to this, he served as the United States representative for North Carolina's 13th congressional district for five years.

Ted owns a small business and is experienced with all the challenges job creators have to face in North Carolina. He bought a closed gun store to reopen it for local police and run a training center. At present, it has become the most popular shooting sports, retail store, training center, and indoor range. 

Tedd and Amy first met each other a week before the fall of communism in the former Soviet Union on a mission trip in 1991. After that their paths meet again in the United States and it just continued to grow.

Ted Budd Wife is Amy Kate Budd

Ted Budd and Amy Kate are married for 18 years as of 2022. Amy holds a Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Amy Kate is well known as the wife of a prominent congressman Ted Budd. She is a well-educated woman who has completed her bachelor's degree from Marshall University. 

While at University, they met each other in Moscow during a Campus trip to the former soviet union. Among the group of 400 students destiny had bought Ted and Amy together for good. After the tour fate brought them together again in the United States. There Ted initiated and asked her for a bike ride which ultimately turned into the journey of life together. 

After knowing and understanding each other for two years they finally decided to get married in 1994. The couple locally organized a beautiful wedding held by Ted's Moravian pastor.

The pair moved to texas to spend their married life and completed their further studies. They both graduated with master's degrees in theology and educational leadership from the same place to get a biblical lens for life. The couple still enjoys going on mission trips and continues to serve in the church. 

Despite being a wife and a well-known person, Amy likes to stay out of the limelight. She keeps her personal life private and away from the media. She is active on Instagram and  Twitter but non of her personal content is ever posted on those social media handles. In fact, her Instagram is private so we have no access to her photos and videos.

Ted and Amy first met in the former Soviet Union mission trip in 1991.
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Ted Budd Family

Ted Budd grew up in an agricultural family with cattle and a commercial chicken farm. Ted parents owned a small business. 

From an early age, he is aware of the importance of family, and hard work being raised in a middle-class family. He knew that these are the key factor to success so he has always been a family man keeping his family as his first priority.

There is a company called The Budds which was originally established by his father, Richard Budd. The company was on a loan of $10 million to AgriBioTech which he repaid with more than $25000 in interest. 

Right now as he has been established as an important person, he still lives with his kids and wife on the farm of his parents in rural Davie County. He is sensitive toward conservative values.

Ted and Amy are the parents of two beautiful daughters and a son. They are providing quality education to their children at home school. Also, he serves as an assistant scoutmaster in the Boy Scout troop where his son is an active member. 

Ted Budd shared a picture of him with his three lovely children on November 2, 2022 in Facebook
Source : facebook