Josh Hawley Parents Ronald And Virginia Hawley Raised Him In Missouri

Senator Josh Hawley speaking at a press conference in Washington, D.C.
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Josh Hawley Parents Ronald Hawley and Virginia Hawley are banker and teacher respectively. Josh Hawley grew up with his family in Missouri.

Josh is an American attorney and politician who serves as the junior United States Senator from Missouri.

Josh is known for his conservative views, particularly on issues such as taxes, healthcare, and immigration. He has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act and has called for its repeal. 

Hawley has also been a critic of big tech companies, calling for increased regulation of companies such as Google and Facebook. He has also been a vocal supporter of President Trump and has aligned himself with the populist wing of the Republican Party. 

Meet Josh Hawley Parents

Josh Hawley father served as the president of a Bank for 12 years and his mother is a teacher. The couple has two children.

John Hawley and his mother
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Josh Hawley Father Ron Hawley 

According to Springfield Business Journal, Ron Hawley is a 42-year banking veteran. He started his career as a banker back in Springfield.

Ron moved to Missouri in 1981 by joining Boatmen's Bank in Lexington. 

He moved back to Springfield in 1997 when the bank he was working for was bought by Nations back and he worked for Bank of America. 

Josh Hawley Mother Virginia Marie

Josh's mother Virginia Marie worked as a teacher. On May 13, 2018, Josh dedicated an Instagram post to his mother wishing her a Happy Mother's day with the caption "Happy Mother’s Day to my mom..."

"Not only are you a spectacular mom, but you’re an even better Grandma to my boys! We love you!."

Josh Hawley Sister Is A Dermatologist & Navy Veteran

Josh Hawley has a sister Lesley Hawley who was born in 1982. Lesley is a certified dermatologist with expertise in medical burns laser surgery as per the Ozark Dermatology Website.

John Hawley and his sister
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Lesley graduated high school from Glendale high school and obtained her bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Furthermore, she got her doctor of medicine certification from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

She served nine years n the U.S. Navy as a physician and dermatologist. 

Lesley returned to her hometown in Springfield and joined Ozarks Dermatology in 2018.

Josh Hawley Wife Erin Hawley

Josh Hawley married Erin Hawley in 2010. He met his wife during his college years at Yale Law School.

Together, the couple has three beautiful children named Elijah Hawley, Blaise Hawley, and Abigail. 

Erin got her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, graduating in animal science but later focused her career on Law. She moved to the east coast to study law at Yale, where she met her future husband Josh Hawley.  

Josh with his wife and children
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The two own a $1.3 Million mansion in Virginia and have also started building a new house in Ozark, Missouri. For the time being, The Hawley family lives together in the suburbs of Washington DC.