Costa Georgiadis Sisters Elisa and Julie and Partner Sandra

Costa won the Silver Logie award for Most Popular Presenter
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Costa Georgiadis has two older sisters Elisa and Julie Georgiadis. Costa was also in a relationship with partner Sandra when he was in university.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, he said that his siblings and his ex-partner are women he takes inspiration from.

Costa is a well-known Australian landscape architect and television presenter. He is known for hosting Gardening Australia on ABC.

He previously hosted the ABC kids program "Costa the Garden Gnome." in 2014. He is of Greek descent, making him a second-generation Australian of Greek descent.

His grandparents were garden market owners, so he developed an interest in gardening. 

He got a degree in landscape architecture and developed an interest in sustainability. He has also won the Silver Logie award for Most Popular Presenter.

Costa Georgiadis Sisters

Costa Georgiadis sisters Elisa and Julie learned the Greek Language in school. Costa is the youngest child of three.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, he shared that his mother, Anne Georgiadis, passed away in 2002 and recalled how she ensured all her children learned the Greek language.

He and his two siblings learned greek in school, and his sister also knew Greek Dance. He also said that he visited Greek when he was 15 years old.

He has shared a picture of his soil sister. Sophie Thomson, his soil sister, shared the photo when they crossed paths at the sa garden festival.

Costa and his soil sister Sophie both are gardeners
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He shared on his website that his grandfather is a nature lover, and he highly influences him. He also established the community verge garden on the Street of Bondi.

Currently, the street is for the library, compost system, and bathtub and includes indigenous plants and veggies. Costa's grandfather is a gardener, and he learned about growing fruits and vegetables from him.

His grandmother taught him the importance of cooking. His number two favorite thing after gardening is sports, and he was a local RSL youth club member.

He also used to gymnast and used to referee rugby. He used to work as a clown at Darling Harbour and mow lawns in Coogee. He has worked different jobs to save money and travel to Europe.

He has traveled and worked on and off in the countries like Austria, German, French, Czech, Greek, and England. 

Costa Separated From His Partner Sandra

Costa shared with The Sydney Morning Herald that before he met Sandra he had a teen holiday crush on a girl named Heather.

He was spending his weekend at his friend in Lake Macquarie, North of Sydney. She was friends with her friend, and Costa fell in love with her.

However, his mom gave him honest advice and said they do not have a future together. Heather was from a different school 540 kilometers north of where she lives.

Costa in LEAF - Logan Eco Action Festival
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Georgiadis was just 14 and appreciated his mother's honesty. When he went to university to study landscape architecture, he met Sandra.

They both went to the University of New South Wales, and she is originally from Tumut. They dated throughout the university, but Costa planned to travel after graduating.

He never told Sandra to wait for him, and they broke up after realizing they were on a different path. He also shares that he focuses on himself and not on his relationship.