Fareed Zakaria Kids And Family Life In New York

Fareed with his son and daughter visiting old friends in a lovely part of upstate NY.
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Fareed Zakaria kids are Omar Zakaria, Lila Zakaria and Sofia Zakaria. Fareed lives in the Upper West Side of New York with his family.

Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is a popular journalist, political commentator, and author based. He was born on the 20th of January 1964 in Mumbai, India. 

Currently, he is the presenter of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS and a weekly paid column writer for The Washington Post. He has gathered experience as an editor in Newsweek International and Large of Time. Also, he has worked as a columnist for Newsweek. 

Fareed completed his early education at Cathedral and John Connon School in India and then went to Yale University in 1986 to graduate with a degree in BA. He later completed Ph.D. in government from Harvard University.

Being an Indian American Journalist, he is living a prestigious life with his family in America. He has three loving children from his marriage.

Fareed Zakaria Three Children

Fareed is the father of two daughters and a son from his marriage with Paula Throckmorton.

Although Fareed belongs to the Muslim religion, he is a self-described secular and nonpracticing. Neither of his children was raised following the faith, reports The Washington Post.

Fareed Zakaria Son Omar Is The Oldest Of The Three

Omar Zakaria is the eldest son of Fareed. He graduated from the University in New heaven, Connecticut, on May 24, 2022. Like his father, he also seems very fond of food and cooking.

Omar sharing best moment of his Convocation day with his father on New Heaven Connecticut
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Fareed has shared several pictures of Omar preparing for the thanksgiving dinner along with his friends and siblings. In fact, he is aware of Fareed's culture and cuisine as he was making an Indian dish called Parathas. 

During the new year of 2022, Omar was infected with COVID-19 and was safely stayed in home isolation for several days until he fully recovered with no symptoms. 

Fareed Zakaria Daughter Lila 

Lila is the second child of Fareed, born on March 5, 2003. On her seventeenth birthday, Fareed posted a picture of her with the cake she had prepared on her own. 

Fareed shared a picture of her daughter Lila while she was joining Wellesley College
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Recently she celebrated her 19th birthday in March of 2022. Her father was proud to see her daughter growing up and moving forward in her life as she is committed to Wellesley college in New York. Lila is active on Instagram, but she has kept her account private.

Fareed Zakaria Youngest Daughter Is Sophia 

Sophia is the youngest child in a family of three children. Being the little one, it is quite obvious that she is the most pampered and loved one. She is a 14 years old teenager who enjoys having her father's company. 

Sofia is enjoying the lights on Christmas time in Merry Old London
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We can see on the official Instagram handle of the journalist how they enjoy spending time together. On September 2, 2021, Fareed shared a video of having a beautiful moment with her thirteen years old daughter.  

Fareed Zakaria Family Life

Zakaria was born to a Konkani Muslim family in India. He has an impressive background in politics and Journalism.

Zakaria's mom, who passed during the COVID pandemic, had worked as an editor for the Sunday Times of India. His father was actively associated with Indian Politics.

Fareed posted a lovely photo of his mother and children on Instagram.
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After moving from India to America for further studies and a career, he got married to Paula Throckmorton in 1997. She is a jewelry designer by profession. After spending more than 21 years of married life, Paula appealed for separation.

This was not the first time the couple was getting separated as they first decided to split briefly in 2011. They struggled with their relationship for seven years and finally divorced in 2018, citing an irretrievable breakdown.