Jamz Supernova Partner Sam Interface Is A Music Producer

Sam with his pregnant wife Jamz at Future Bounce event
Sam with his pregnant wife Jamz at Future Bounce event( Source : instagram )

Jamz Supernova and partner Sam Interface got engaged on May 10, 2022. Jamz and Sam have been together for seven years.

Jamz and Sam, both, worked as DJs. Jamz is a radio DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Selector Radio.

On Djmag, she shared that she worked as BBC radio DJ, label boss, podcast host, voiceover artist, TV presenter, and A&R scout before she was 30.

Her parents were fans of the 90s New Jack Swing and reason jam developed a love for music. When she was 10, she began hitting the deck at a local community event.

She also got a weekly DJ lesson from her uncle. She has DJed in countries like Berlin, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Budapest, Barcelona, Porto, Paris, Amsterdam, and Oslo.

She has also established DIY Generation, highlighting the work done by young people, women, and people of color.

Jamz Supernova Partner Sam Interface

Jamz Supernova partner Sam Interface is a famous British DJ. Sam is a talented artist who has also worked as a music producer.

Sam is also a founder of Time Records. Both couples are not shy of sharing each other's pictures on their social media. He is also a co-founder of JUS NOW and also worked as Multi-Platinum Mix Engineer.

Jamz and Sam attending DJmag official award
Jamz and Sam attending DJmag official award ( Source : instagram )

He is also a supporter of Black Lives Matter and has shared his strong opinion on the topic. He has traveled to places like Ghana, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, The DRC, and South Africa to learn music.

His goal is to launch a new artist through the help of his company, Time Record. He and his wife are music lovers and share the same taste in music.

Jamz And Sam Have Been Together For 7 Years

Jamz and Sam have been dating each other since 2015. They met in Tobago seven years ago and proposed to her in Tobago where they first met.

She also shared that they enjoy each other company. Their fans and followers also congratulated them. She shares the picture of her and Sam in a restaurant and shows off her engagement ring.

Sam and Jam got engaged in May 10
Sam and Jam got engaged in May 10 ( Source : instagram )

As seen on their Instagram, they attend every event together. Since the birth of their daughter, they have taken her everywhere they went.

They also love traveling and have visited many countries before the pandemic. Currently, they are focusing on raising their daughter and upgrading their career. 

Jamz and Sam are very comfortable around each other. Jamz also shared her experience with the criticism she received for dating her white boyfriend. 

She said that she gets strange looks from older people especially. She shared her experience on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The Couple Named Their Daughter Forest Millie

The couple took it to Instagram and expressed gratitude for being blessed with a daughter. They named their daughter Forest Millie who was born on 28 November 2021.

Sam also shared a picture of her daughter on his Instagram and thanked the hospital nurse and staff for helping them during their hospital stay.

Jamz, Sam and their daughter Forest Millie
Jamz, Sam and their daughter Forest Millie ( Source : instagram )

He also shared that it was a very tough journey. After the birth of his daughter, he also took a break from social media to take care of her daughter and wife.

Currently, their daughter is one year old and thriving. They also went on their first international trip to Dubai as a family this year. Jam is always accompanied by her daughter while practicing her beats.

She also brings her daughter to a music festival, and she is already developing a love for music.

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