Derry Girls and The Witcher Actress Kerri Quinn Age and Career Facts

Kerri is known for her role in Derry Girls
Kerri is known for her role in Derry Girls( Source : belfastmedia )

Kerri Quinn is 39 years old as of 2022 as she was born in 1983. Kerri is a famous Irish actress from Belfast.

As per the sun, she is known for her role in Three families as Louise Byrne and her character in Coronation Street as Vicky Jefferies, a mom of a gang leader.

Quinn has also worked with Christopher Eccleston in Come Home, a BBC drama. Her role in the short thriller The Frankenstein Chronicles and Unhappy Endings is also popular.

She has also played a role in Brendan Smith: Betrayal Of Trust. The movie was released in 2011 and was about an abusive priest. She also appeared in the ten episodes of ITV Soap and kept her accent in 2018.

How Old Is Kerri Quinn?

Kerri Quinn was born in 1983 and is currently 39 years old. She is from Ireland and is a single mother to her daughter Libby.

While giving an interview to Belfastlive, she talked about her career journey, and she used to work at a down bar restaurant and retail to pay her bills.

When she started to get more roles in films and was able to pay bills through her acting career, she left all the side jobs and was fully able to focus on her acting.

Kerri Quinn portrays a police officer in Hope Street
Kerri Quinn portrays a police officer in Hope Street ( Source : metro )

She did not move away from her hometown to achieve her dream. She said it's because she is a home bird. She said after studying for six years, she no more wanted to research and write essays about acting.

She wanted to act on screen and had done many theatre dramas at the beginning. She was always proud of her Belfast accent and has done her every movie in Belfast accent.

As claimed by Belfasttelegraph, she is pro-life, and she is proud of it. She is also a mother of one daughter and shared that her parents had to lose her brother when he was three years old.

Facts To Know About Kerri Quinn

  1. Kerri is currently 39 years old and living with her daughter, Libby, and her Fiance Joseph Sharma.
  2. She appeared in the Christmas charity song for The Lyric Theatre and raised money for the Goliath Trust for children of Northern Ireland.
  3. Kerri did a movie, The Awakening, which is about pro-life, and was proud to do that and also said that there is always going to be an opinion from those who are not supporting pro-life.
  4. When her brother was three, he lost his life due to a hole in his heart which is also why her whole family is pro-life.
  5. She has also done movies like Three Families, Derry Girls, and The Frankenstein Chronicles. Theatre plays like Threepenny Opera, The Weir, The Nativity, Educating Rita, Cinderella, Here Comes the Night, and Smiley. She played a role in Brendan Smith: Betrayal Of Trust and a movie about an abusive priest.

Kerri is mother of a daughter named Libby
Kerri is mother of a daughter named Libby ( Source : belfasttelegraph )

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