Mike Basich Net Worth As A Snowboarding Champion

Mike is a snowboarding champion
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Mike Basich has a net worth of $150 thousand. Mike makes his money as a professional snowboarding champion, photographer and builder.

Mike was born in 1972 in the United States. He is a family man who resides in the Sierra Nevada with his two children and wife, Rose. 

After years of building his legacy as a pro-snowboarder, Mike turned to an off-grid lifestyle in the mountains of California near Lake Tahoe.

He brought 80 acres of land and built a small house with the support of his mother. Unfortunately, the house burned down in 2020, including his snowboarding souvenirs, clothes, and tools.

He grew up with a legendary team, including his sister Tina Basich Haller, Chris Roach, and John Cardiel. He also has some property up at Donner Summit.

Mike Basich Net Worth

Mike Basich has a net worth of $150 thousand as per Daily Mail. His primary source of income comes from his profession as Snowboarder.

Mike owns the 80-acre plot of land in the wilderness with his ski lift and stone hut built by himself with a wood-fired hot tub.

Basich made home by himself in the Sierra Nevada
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Mike signed his first big contract in 1993. He took part in a snowboarding competition for seven years. In his 20s, Basich also got a sponsorship of $150,000 yearly and brought a big house.

Later, he retired in early 2000 and brought the land to the Sierra Nevada, where he made a tiny hut on a snowy peak with the help of his mother and wife, Rose.

The skier stated that the belongings of his house burnt down in 2020, causing him severe issues. This includes most of his snowboarding memorabilia, clothing, and equipment.

Mike and his family were compelled to stay in a warehouse that they had transformed into a temporary home. The crowdfunding efforts of their friends and the snowboarding society, who collected $63,000 (£52,884) to support the family.

Way Mike Makes His Money

Mike is a professional snowboarder, builder and photographer. Mike is a professional athlete from the United States.

1. Snowboarding 

Mike fell in love with snowboarding in his mid 80’s. He also competed in different snowboarding competitions where he got $150,000 annularly from his sponsorship. 

He used his riches to build a chairlift and a hot water spa in his home. Mike's new property is only a short distance from where he grew up and first became obsessed with snowboarding.

Basich with his friends skiing in Alaska
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Through snowboarding, he explores different locations and concepts to develop his creativity. He enjoys designing vehicles for the excitement of chasing snow and has chosen to settle in the depths of Donner Summit, California, as per Flow Binding

2. Photography

According to Daily Mail, Mike relies on his snowboarding photography to make a living. Mike does the trick and captures photographs in mid-air or mid-slide, using cameras set on tripods and equipped with remote controls.

Basich's Photography
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He created some of the most famous pictures ever photographed during this process.

3. Sponsorship 

Mike got $150,000 yearly from the sponsor for seven years. He later brought a house with the money. Mike integrates his wide range of skills and passions external to snowboarding into his snowboard career.

Mike with his sister Tina Basich Haller
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Mikey got onto the snowboard and almost instantly became a member of one of the most major snowboard teams in history.

He toured the world, competed on snowboarding's central platform, produced many short videos and magazine covers, and developed into one of snowboarding's most outstanding personalities throughout the mid to late '90s, according to Curated.