Into The Life Of Sindhu Vee Husband Jakob Horder and Three Kids

Sindhu has appeared in Mock the Week
Sindhu has appeared in Mock the Week( Source : instagram )

Sindhu Vee husband Jakob Horder got married in 2000. Jakob Horder is originally from Denmark but currently lives in London.

According to Wikipedia, Sindhu is from India and moved to England for higher education. She worked as a banker and later pursued a stand-up comedy career. 

She started doing stand-up comedy in 2012. She has also appeared in the famous television program Have I Got News For You ‘’Mock the Week’’ and Would I Lie To You?

She has also appeared as a host for the comedy of the weekly podcast on BBC Radio 4. Vee has also appeared in the BBC series Starstruck with TV presenter Rose Matafeo.

From 2013 to 2017, she appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She was also nominated for BBC New Comedy Award in 2016.

Sindhu Vee Husband

Sindhu Vee husband Jakob Horder is a banker in London. Sindhu and Jakob have been married for 22 years.

As per Reuters, Jakob started work at Goldman Sachs five years. After that, he moved to Morgan Stanley to work as chief of the company’s life and pension companies in the European Union.

Sindhu partner Jakob works at bank
Sindhu partner Jakob works at bank ( Source : instagram )

He has also worked as a global co-head for two years. He was also on the list of potential candidates to become CEO of Danske Bank.

He also has a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. In 2020 he resigned from the role of Director.

Jakob stays out of the spotlight and lives a very private life. Sindhu also keeps her relationship private and barely talks about their marriage life.

Sindhu And Jakob Are Parents To Three Children

Sindhu and Jakob share three children. Neither of them revealed their children's names or other details.

The couple met when they both were working in banks. Sindhu did not want to get married, and when she met her partner, she fell in love, got married, and started a family.

Sindhu have worked in weekly podcast on BBC Radio 4
Sindhu have worked in weekly podcast on BBC Radio 4 ( Source : instagram )

She did share her experience with The Herald on motherhood and how she became a stand-up comedian.

She took a break from her bank job when she had a baby. Soon after her first child, she gave birth to a second and third child. She could not focus on her career and quit her banking job.

She shared that people always told her she was funny. She went to a workshop with funny women. She also participated in a funny women's competition in 2012 but was not the winner.

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